In the current pandemic, a lot of adjustments are needed. in learning and offices all require remote meetings. Zoom is an application that is widely used to be a solution to this situation. Although fairly practical because it can be done from home, sometimes online meeting activities can cause fatigue and boredom. This is commonly referred to as “Zoom Fatigue”.

Well, for those of you who feel bored and want to run away during meetings using Zoom, there is a unique application that you can use, namely Zoom Escaper. This application was created by an artist from New York, United States named Sam Lavigne. Zoom Escaper allows users to create fake noises during a meeting. Thus, the sound can be used as an excuse to leave an ongoing Zoom meeting.

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How to use Zoom Escaper

The way this application works is quite simple. In this application, there are as many as eight types of fake annoyance sounds that users can choose from. The eight available audio effects consist of echoes, baby cries, strong winds, building construction sounds, intermittent connections, the sound of someone crying, dog barking, and the sound of urinating. This application need 3rd party named VB-Audio serves as a bridge to deliver audio effects from the Zoom Escaper site into Zoom meetings.

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If VB-Audio is already installed, the user must change the output setting on the Zoom Escaper page to “VB Cable (virtual)”. After that, click the “start” button on the Zoom Escaper page. Once active, you can choose what fake voices you want to use. Lavigne also explains how to use the Zoom Escaper in a video uploaded on her YouTube channel.

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