Google Indonesia announced the YouTube ad ranking board for the second half of 2019. The ad contained the best content that could be skipped or skippable.
There are at least 10 branded content and advertisements that record high performance as a result of the use of popularity and promotion.
Here are 10 of YouTube's favorite ads in Indonesia:
- Toyota Indonesia: We Will Tell About Today
- Laurier Indonesia: Vanesha Prescilla-carded wrong
- Heinz ABC: Sambal ABC Insurance
- Oppo Indonesia: Oppo A9 2020 Indonesia
- Bukalapak: Maudigarginal Free Shipping
- The trip does not use Tapi
- Gojek Indonesia: The Trustees of Trustees
- BCA Solution: For What's Difficult, Just Open an Account at BCA Mobile
- Vivo Indonesia: Vivo V17 Pro- Wider Selfie Celare Night
- Blibli Hysteria Shock 12.12
All of the above ads can be skipped, but interesting to see.
Google Indonesia's Creative Lead Ishak Reza, said YouTube has provided a platform for brands to tell interesting stories for creative and entertaining consumers.
"We saw 10 favorite advertisements from the second half of 2019. All advertisements reminded us that the Indonesian advertising industry at this time of creativity is extraordinary. The video also shows that the art of storytelling that has existed since a long time ago is still alive until now," Ishak said at the time presentation of 10 of the best YouTube advertisements in Jakarta, Thursday (1/30).
According to Ishak, Google itself cannot be sure that users see whether the ad is good or not. Because, said Isaac, it's very small to be controlled by Google. Even Google can't determine whether the ad is good or not.


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