if you server also hosts normal https then 443 is already taken and so Softether can't bind to it

This article has been write after error in my vps server. Softether is complete vpn server and write vpn client too in his website. This application installed because is have a lot configuration so it has complexity and can do more.

after installed, in sometimes my server has been stuck and show nginx error in all my website so user can`t access it. First error not be my concern until this day it my emotion.

If your server installed with control panel like me, you can see this detail error in error log. Yes it show failed bind many times. why it happen? if you server also hosts normal https then 443 is already taken and so Softether can’t bind to it

The Softether server by default to run on port 443 and also listens on 992, 1194, and 5555 , run `vpncmd` it attempts to connect in usr/local/softether-vpnserver. Still remember?right. Yes cange active directory to it with cd command. type 1 and enter your server with port. Find an active port, but of course fails with ‘Protocol error occurred. Error was returned from the destination server.’ because it’s not actually connecting to the vpn server. Last word the sollution is to modify specify `localhost:5555` when executing the `vpncmnd`. 


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