This clock has a screen that never sleeps.

With the Retina screen always on, you always see the time and face of your watch.

The clock can

adjust oneself.

Change the look of your watch just by changing the watch strap.

This clock has an application to monitor your heart.

Check your heart rate quickly and get notified if the beat seems too high or low.

And let you know when the atmosphere is too noisy.

The new Noise app warns you if decibels go up to levels that can affect your hearing.

And lets you monitor the cycle with one tap.

The new Cycle Tracking application makes it easy to record information related to your menstrual cycle.

This clock helps you reach your fitness goals.

With sophisticated sports metrics, GPS and water resistance up to 50 meters, this watch is made to accompany all types of your training.

And motivate you to move, exercise, and stand up.

The Activity Circle tracks progress and inspires you to sit less, move more and practice every day. You can even compete with friends to complete challenges.

And tune with your favorite songs.

Listen to the entire Apple Music library and podcasts that you like. *

This clock knows the direction so well.

With a compass and ground elevation, it is very appropriate to show directions such as turns and turns, and up and down.

Get the application quickly.

Now the App Store is on your wrist, so you can find and download the latest applications in seconds.

And helps you stay connected.

Make calls from the trail, send messages from the beach, or listen to music on the hillside.

And call when you need help.

With SOS Emergency and drop detection, Apple Watch can automatically ask for help.

And still always get a notification.

Feel a knock when you have an appointment, when it’s time to stand up, or if you need a moment to relax.

And of course shows time.

With more than a hundred watch faces and unlimited ways to personalize them, there has never been a clock like this.

Connect with each other through sports.

Apple Watch Nike is the perfect running buddy with the Nike Run Club app. Showcase the world of sports, training, and motivation to increase your fitness level. With Apple Watch Series 5, every Nike watch face is optimized for the Always-on Retina screen.

Check again for availability information

Exclusive watch face.

Show your style with an updated Nike watch face collection, including those inspired by the colorful patterns of the classic Nike Windrunner jacket. With the Retina screen as Active, you don’t need to lift your wrist to look at the watch.

Nike Run Club application. Far ahead.

Running is not just about running. Get the details you need with statistics and metrics during running. Continue to maintain motivation at each step with special encouragement.

Reflective Nike Loop Sport. Attract attention when needed. *

Running is often done before sunrise or after sunset. So you can be seen at that time, the Apple Watch Nike Series 5 is now available with a Nike Loop Sport strap woven from special reflective threads designed to reflect the light that hits it.

Extra watch strap.

Add more colors to accompany you to exercise with the latest options for the Nike Sport Watch Strap and the reflective Nike Sport Loop.

Stay active. Stay healthy. Stay connected

Monitor your health. Record your exercise. Get the motivation you need to reach your fitness target. And stay connected to the people and information that matter most to you. With Apple Watch Series 3, you can do it all – right from your wrist.

Three Circles. One purpose.

Standing, Moving, and Exercise Circles visualize the way you move every day. Find out if you sit too much. Measure the calories burned. And note how many minutes of exercise you have done. You can even share circles with friends. Try an Activity competition, and get motivated by smart training that can encourage you when you need it most.

See how to reach your Activity circle targets on Apple Watch

Take you further in sports.

Record popular sports such as yoga, biking, swimming, and high-intensity interval training.1 Keep track of your running activities with advanced features for runners, such as rhythm and speed warnings. Pair wirelessly with compatible gym equipment.2 And sync your favorite playlists from Apple Music to stay motivated.

Put your body first.

Monitor your heart rate, and get a warning when an unusual high or low heart rate is detected. SOS Emergency Calls allows you to make direct calls for help. The Breathing app can help you manage stress every day better. And you can choose from a number of health applications to support your specific routine and goals.

Stay close to everything that is important to you.

Never miss important notifications or phone calls. Greet close friends through Walkie-Talkie. Listen to your favorite playlist or podcast. With Apple Watch Series 3, it’s not difficult to connect with important information and the people closest to you.

Three circles: Move, Exercise, Stand. One goal: Achieve targets every day. An easy and fun way to live healthier so you want to do it all the time. Here’s the idea behind the Activities app on Apple Watch.

Reach the target of closing your Moving circle by achieving a personal target of active calories burned.

Apple Watch monitors active calories that you burn. Active calories burn through all types of movements, from climbing stairs when working, playing with children, to cleaning the garage. Being active throughout the day has an important role in leading a healthy life.

Show your activity circle on your watch face.

Select one of the Activity watch faces or add Activity as a complication so you can monitor progress at a glance throughout the day.

How to change your daily Moving target.

1. Open the Activities application.

2. Press the screen stronger.

3. Tap Change Move Target.

4. Tap + or – to update the target.

Every week Apple Watch suggests new Moving targets that are tailored to your activities. So it’s easy to stay motivated.

Reach the target of closing your Exercise circle with activities such as brisk walking or more intense for 30 minutes.

The Training Circle shows how many minutes of quick activity you’ve completed, from moving with a fast tempo to doing a specific exercise in the Sports app. At the same time or little by little, you can collect Exercise minutes in a way that works for you.

Sophisticated sports partner.

The Sports application on Apple Watch monitors popular sports such as running, swimming and training with high intensity, with just one tap.

Choose the indicators that are most important to you.

See up to five metrics – like duration, calories, and heart rate – for each exercise. You can customize it through the Apple Watch application on the iPhone.

Stay fit with favorite applications.

Use fitness apps that you already know and like, while getting credit towards completing your Activity circle targets.

30 minutes of fast activity every day can help minimize the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and weight gain. It can also help improve sleep and mood, while reducing stress.

Achieve the target of closing your Standing circle by standing and moving at least 1 minute every hour, for 12 hours in one day.

Sitting too long can contribute to health problems. Therefore Apple Watch monitors your progress towards your Standing goals and motivates you to stand up regularly in a day. Less sitting can reduce blood pressure, increase energy, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Less sitting. Faster you close the circle.

Replace your work desk with a standing desk to reduce the amount of time you sit in a day. Standing means you will move and burn more calories.


Knocking on the wrist. So you move.

If you have been sitting for too long, Apple Watch gives you a gentle knock that reminds you to stand up. Make sure the Stand reminder is activated in the Apple Watch application on your iPhone.

Stand and step on foot.

When standing, try walking around. Take drinking water. Stretch body. Visit a colleague. Although simple, regular movements can help maintain energy so you can be more productive.

Sitting too long can contribute to the development of type 2 diabetes. Being more active can help control glucose levels and other risk factors.

Get the motivation you need to reach your target circle every day.

Apple Watch not only shows your progress, but also gives you personalized advice and encouragement to reach your target circle.


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