– Oath Inc. the umbrella of Yahoo announced the instant messaging application Yahoo Messenger will cease to operate forever starting July 17 next. According to Yahoo, there is no product available to replace Yahoo Messenger at this time. “We are still continuing experiments with the latest services and apps, one of which is an instant messaging application invite group called Yahoo Squirrel,” wrote Yahoo. As previously written, Squirrel is an instant messaging app where users can only log into certain groups or chatrooms by invitation only. Currently, the Yahoo Squirrel app is still in beta format and tested last month. For Yahoo Messenger users who want to move to Yahoo Squirrel, can try the beta version first by downloading it in the following link. Yahoo never revealed the number of active users. In theory, any user accessing Yahoo services will log-in to Yahoo Messenger. If calculated accumulatively over the last 20 years, the Yahoo claims there are hundreds of millions of people who use Yahoo services.

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Although later closed, the user’s Yahoo account will still exist and can be used to access other services such as Yahoo Mail. Not clearly defined the main reason for the closure of Yahoo Messenger. Possible dominance of instant messaging applications owned by Facebook siblings, namely WhatsApp and Messenger and other applications such as WeChat or Snapchat became one of the reasons. “As the communications landscape is constantly changing, we are focused on building and introducing new, fun communication tools better suited to the needs of users,” Yahoo quoted from Tech Crunch on Saturday (9/6/2018). Yahoo Messenger users can download chat history on their computers or smartphones via the following links, up to six months into the future. Yahoo Messenger first debuted as Yahoo Pager in 1998. At that time, instant messaging services were only available on the desktop, as an alternative to e-mail and SMS. The idea that Yahoo Pager carried was quite interesting, because the system send messages without tied to a particular service provider.

Finally, Yahoo Messenger’s popularity has been eroded by more practical and functional mobile-based messaging applications, such as WhatsApp created by former Yahoo employees. In addition to Yahoo Messenger, Oath also closed other similar services of his own, namely AIM and AOL.

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