Xiaomi’s business boomed during Q2 2021, i.e. between April and June 2021. During this period Xiaomi shipped 52.6 million units of mobile phones, or an increase of 86.8% compared to Q2 2020. Its global market share reached 16.7%, the second largest, behind Samsung but ahead of Apple. Of all the phones they shipped during the first half of 2021, 12 million of them were phones that cost over 3000 yuan.

they became the rulers of the mobile phone business in 22 countries, such as Italy, France, and also Indonesia. Even in Spain they have become ‘rulers’ since six consecutive quarters. In addition, in 65 countries they are in the top five. Then from the 22 countries where they are ranked first, there are 10 countries where Xiaomi was first in that position.

Throughout Q2 2021, the total revenue collected by Xiaomi reached 87.8 billion yuan or equivalent to 64% year-on-year while the adjusted net profit in the same period reached 6.3 billion yuan, an increase of 87.4% YoY. Meanwhile, their IoT ecosystem sector grew 35.9% year on year. Xiaomi itself currently has 374 million units of IoT devices connected via their platform, not including cellphones and laptops. They have 7.4 million users with at least five IoT devices, and vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, humidifiers, thermostats, lights, and security cameras are among the most popular IoT products.

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Xiaomi promises to continue to pursue technological advancements to strengthen its business. the company has invested over 10 billion yuan (roughly 1.55 billion US Dollars) on research and development last year. In Q2 2021 alone Xiaomi spent 3.1 billion yuan on research and development, up 56.5% over the previous year.

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