ALTHOUGH the world has gone through a period of war, the preparation of troops and military technology continues to this day. Apart from being a form of effort to realize national security, various technologies are also made to show their capabilities in front of the world, one of which is fighter aircraft. Here are some fighter aircraft complete with sophistication.

  1. US F-22 Raptor
    This fighter is a fifth generation fighter aircraft made by America by relying on ‘stealth’ technology or Advanced Tactical Fighter to ambush the enemy before releasing the missile payload. This technology is the result of the Cold War in order to maintain US air dominance in the face of the threat of Russian warplanes.

This E-3 aircraft has a function as an Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS). These reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft have the ability to ‘see; in all directions to identify the target before attacking. The visibility of this aircraft is said to be up to 320 kilometers.

  1. TU-160M ​​Russian Blackjack
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It is the heaviest bomber and one of the most powerful of its kind. This Tupelov long-range strategic bomber has the ability to fly at supersonic speeds despite its large size. This large size also allows this aircraft to carry a variety of weapons. This bomber first entered service in 1987 as the TU-160 which was later upgraded to the fleet in 2015 and renamed the TU-160M.

  1. China’s Chengdu J-20

Turning to China, the J-20 is a fighter aircraft made by China in response to threats from the United States’ generation of ‘stealth’ aircraft. Although it lacks weapons to attack at close range, it is equipped with a long-range radar and missile power which makes a great combination in aerial combat.

  1. Eurofighter Typhoon Europe

This aircraft is the result of a massive collaboration between four European countries, namely Britain, Germany, Italy, and Spain. This aircraft is designed with unstable aerodynamics with the aim of being able to perform agile and agile maneuvers in the air. The four-nation design aircraft can travel at supersonic speeds in 30 seconds and can climb at a speed of 18,897.6 meters per minute.

  1. US P-8 Poseidon
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As its name symbolizes the god of water based on Greek myths, it is primarily designed to be the best submarine attack and hunter weapon in the sky. The P-8’s frame draws on the commercial Boeing 737 by adding 50 percent more thickness to its aluminum shell and is adapted for military operations. This aircraft is accompanied by a variety of sensors and technology capable of detecting submarines and other marine vessels. In addition, this fighter aircraft is also capable of launching all forms of attacks with torpedoes, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, sea mines, to depth charges.

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