Technological developments bring back innovative things that are popular with the public, namely wireless earbuds. This product has many names on the market, such as in-ear buds and TWS, an acronym for true wireless stereo. The main advantage of this device is clearly you will not be bothered by the cables wrapped around it.

Another advantage is the comfort when listening to music while on the move, because the buds that stick tightly to the ear. His voice can make you drift in the song. Intrigued by the best wireless earbuds? Next ProductNation provides a review of recommended wireless earbuds.

10 Best & Recommended Wireless Earbuds Reviews

Jabra Elite Active 65T

is a premium design wireless earbuds that comes with three color choices, namely monochrome, black and gray.

His voice was very detailed, with clear vocals, treble, and bass and of course equipped with noise canceling. Another thing that is not less impressive is its durability which can penetrate up to 15 hours of use with a charging case.

Redmi Airdots

As if not to be outdone, Xiaomi also launched Redmi Airdots to compete in the wireless earbud market. As usual, Xiaomi is selling it at a cheap and affordable price for the community. Even so, its performance should not be underestimated.

Xiaomi uses a 7.2 mm audio driver that is designed to produce high-quality stereo audio. Cool again, Xiaomi also adopted Bluetooth 5.0 connection technology with further transmission range, stable, and can be connected to any mobile phone.

Sony MDR WF1000X

The audio quality presented by Sony has always been a mainstay. Because, Sony often presents a clear voice and comfortable to hear.

Likewise with its earbud products, the MDR WF1000X comes with carrying stunning audio quality with stunning bass quality. Moreover, the noise canceling feature is also pinned to ensure clear sounds without any outside noise.

Apple Airpod 2

Who does not know Apple. Its quality products make it a choice of many people, as well as its earbuds. Apple airpod 2 is made with quality materials with sophisticated features.

Just say “Hey Siri” and make requests such as changing songs, adjusting the volume to make a call, then Siri will automatically grant it. Airpods itself is a pioneer in the field of earbuds that makes other manufacturers competing to make wireless earbuds.

Bose SoundSport

For those of you who like to exercise while listening to music, it’s time you choose Bose SoundSport Free. This wireless earbud carries a compact and ergonomic design with special quality hooks and nozzles to ensure comfort when worn.

In addition, there is also a waterproof net that makes you not have to worry about rain drops or sweat when exercising.


QCY T1C is an earbuds that could be your choice for an affordable and quality device. This earbud comes by using a chipset from Realtek to support crystal clear sound.

In addition, the CVC 6.0 feature with noise reduction is also pinned to further pamper the ear. Problem power, you can use it on your Android device for up to 4 hours without stopping.

Sabbat E12 TWS

Listen to songs or make phone calls for a long time now you can make it happen with Sabbat E12 TWS. Equipped with a 60 mAh battery capacity, it can last up to 6 hours.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology has been embedded to get a further range of up to 10 m. Unfortunately, his head like an earphone makes it less able to suppress sound from outside.

ESR Wireless Earbuds T2

For those of you who crave an affordable earbud device with a price below 1 million, ESR Wireless Earbuds T2 can be the right option. Because the device with a luxurious and elegant design is equipped with CVC 6.0 noise canceling feature and Bluetooth 5.0 network. Moreover, with the addition of a charging casing, it can make it last up to 9 hours of continuous use.

Skybud Truly Wireless Earbuds

Skybud Truly Wireless Earbuds are wireless earbuds that you can make choices if you have more money. These earbuds are made with an extra level of comfort and safety with anti-sweat and waterproof features.

Do not forget the shape of the ear piece that is comfortable in the ear, does not make pain. No matter the sound no doubt, you can feel the experience of listening to audio that is clear and stunning.

MIfa X3

For portable speaker users may be familiar with this brand name. Mifa is now expanding its product range to the wireless earbuds line through MIfa X3.

This device is tested at an affordable price and fairly good quality. In addition to a crisp and balanced voice, Mifa claims its battery power can last up to 32 hours, with a combination of case boxes.

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