Windows 10 coming up with a new Start Menu design. Earlier this year, Microsoft said they were working on new icon designs for Windows 10. Now its time to see them in action.There is a feature called Live Tiles. These Live Tiles will fade into the background and the new icons would be in the center.

This update will also introduce to a more translucent colour scheme. There won’t be much difference in contrast between the icon tiles and background colour. Microsoft has confirmed that this change will offer better support for system-wide light and dark modes.

Currently, we have a Start Menu with large coloured squares (live tiles) that aren’t consistent with its Fluent Design System and Windows 10’s dark or light theme. You can clearly see the difference of look in before and after pics. First is the old menu. Second is the new menu

Microsoft is planning to make the Windows 10 Start menu look more similar like the Windows 10X start Menu. The only reason why Microsoft is holding on to this idea is that it is waiting for the feedback from Windows 10X beta testers. Microsoft is finding ways to make the icons pop and match the theme preference of Windows 10.

There were reports earlier this year that Microsoft will remove the live tiles soon in the next year, possibly with Windows 10’s 2021 update since 20H2 is said to be a minor release and hints could drop in the preview builds later this year. This is mainly because no one interacts with the live tiles on their desktops and everyone prefers a classic UI.

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