Social media is an online media, with its users can easily participate, share and create content including blogs, social networks, wikis, forums and the virtual world. Blogs, social networks and wikis are the most common forms of social media used by people throughout the world.

Social media is now a very popular place to communicate online compared to SMS and telephone. The rapid development of technology makes mankind practically addicted. The most loved technology is the internet and smartphones. Only with these two devices, you can already do many things. Start communicating, getting news to work though. Because of technological sophistication, making software companies innovate to launch chat applications that have various features. Until now, there have been many social media applications.

Social media has now become the main need of humanity. Not only young people, parents or grandparents even now need and can play social media. At least the WhatsApp application is used to simply give news to distant family or friends.

The rapid development of social media is now because everyone can have their own media. A social media user can access using social media and internet networks. We as social media users are free to edit, add, modify text, images, videos, graphics and other content models.

Social media has the following characteristics:
• The message delivered is not just for one person but can be many people for example messages via SMS or the internet
• The message is free, without having to go through a Gatekeeper
• Messages delivered tend to be faster than other media
• Recipients of messages that determine the time of interaction
WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media applications in the world. WhatsApp users in the world currently reaches 1 billion users. Whatsup provides a variety of interesting and sufficient features to make it easy for users to communicate, but Telegram has now become one of the popular social media applications because of the features it offers.

Here is a comparison between WhatsApp and Telegram:

Advantages of the WhatsApp application:

  1. How to use it easily
    WhatsApp is easy to use for new users though. All you have to do is register your telephone number to use WhatsApp.
  2. Telephone Numbers Are Automatically Synchronized
    You don’t need to enter your friends’ contacts one by one to WhatsApp because all phone numbers on your smartphone will automatically sync and go directly to WhatsApp. All you have to do is search for your friend’s name on WhatsApp without adding it again.
  3. Can Backup Chat / Chat
    If you are going to replace a new smartphone, you can backup / back up your WhatsApp chat. That way, you won’t lose your WhatsApp chats on old smartphones.
  4. Using an Internet Connection
    To be able to use WhatsApp, you need an internet connection. Of course this method is more efficient than using SMS which requires credit.
  5. Can Cancel Message Delivery
    You can cancel sending your message to both personal and group chat by tapping the “Delete for Everyone” option. So, the message that you canceled will not be read by the recipient.
  6. Personal information can be hidden
    You can hide your personal information such as status and profile photos from other users. Not only that, you can hide your last seen status and your read receipts so that other users will not know when you were last online and whether you have read their message or not. But, you need to remember, you also will not be able to see the status of last seen and read receipts belonging to others too.

The advantages of telegram application

  1. Free for free and free of advertising.
    Other applications provide a paid and free version to be able to get a more complete version, unlike telegram which provides only a free version and will be free for as long as possible. Telegram also stated that this application is free from advertisements, so the application runs quickly and will be lighter than other chat applications. With telegram, quota is more efficient in its usage.
  2. Sending messages faster and lighter in running.
    Sending messages via telegram will be faster than sending messages through other chat applications. Because cloud-based telegram, with cloud and cache management can take up almost zero space on the smartphone. So you don’t need to worry that the telegram will take up a lot of storage space on your smartphone. The small size of the application makes the telegram lighter and faster when used and running.
  3. Communication is encrypted end to end
    With end to end chattingan we in telegram can only be read by the receiver and sender, so it is safe. Cannot be read by others or third parties. So the advantage of encrypted chat is that the results of our chat or our conversation can not be peeked by hackers.
  4. Can send files without size restrictions
    We may often get upset when we send a file using another application and are suddenly notified that the file sent has exceeded the limit. In telegrams that is guaranteed not to happen, because telegrams provide features for videos, photos and files in pdf, doc, exel, zip, mp3 and so on. Although compared to WhatsApp, the telegram is much bigger because WhatsApp only gives a size of 16MB.
  5. There are channel and bot features
    This channel feature can make users send one-way messages to all members of that channel or called broadcasting. The capacity for broadcasting channels also has a large amount. Therefore it is often used for online shop sellers to publish and sell their goods.
    Telegram also has a bot feature. This bot feature is an account used by applications that are not people.
  6. Can create groups with 200,000 members
    Maybe not many people know that if we make a group in the telegram we can make a group of up to 200,000 members.
    And also the user does not need to keep updating the telegram application because the application will be updated automatically.
  7. Can be accessed on the same device
    Telegrams can also be accessed via a PC or laptop.

Difference between WhatsApp and Telegram applications:

  1. Features in the Application
    Telegram and WhatsApp allow sharing of images and videos, in addition to sending text messages. Telegram has full multi-device support and is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux. This application also offers cloud synchronization features on permanent server storage.
    This means users can install and use the Telegram desktop without installing applications on their smartphones. Chat and settings are also automatically backed up to the application server.
    When users migrate devices, chat and Telegram settings can be downloaded automatically to their new device, regardless of platform. Unlike Telegram, WhatsApp requires users to set up cloud backup manually and does not support migration from Android to iOS.
    WhatsApp only allows groups of up to 256 members, while Telegram supports groups of up to 200,000 users. Telegram also has channels and bots, which allow users to create chat rooms.
    Telegram integration is also open source, which allows developers to add Telegram support to their own applications. Both of these applications allow users to delete sent messages, while Telegram also allows to edit sent messages.
    Telegram offers many additional interesting features for users. Whereas WhatsApp is more accessible to general users and has a simpler interface and device.
  2. Application security
    Telegram is known for its crypto contest, offering large Bitcoin prizes to anyone who can intercept encrypted messages on the platform. However, only Telegram Secret Chat is encrypted, with all regular conversations still unencrypted.
    In comparison, all WhatsApp chats have end-to-end encryption, including 256 group chats. WhatsApp encryption uses the Open Whisper Systems opensource encryption standard, while Telegram uses an encryption system that is not fully open to the public.
    Although not compatible with overall encryption, Telegram includes a number of useful privacy features, such as message disappearance and screen capture prevention. The Secret Chat application also sends messages with the self-destruct timer and does not allow forwards or screenshots of any message.
    Deleted messages and files are also permanently deleted from the Telegram server. Telegram requires less device permission than WhatsApp, users do not need to provide application access to their Address Book to start sending messages.
    While Telegram’s privacy and security features are very impressive, WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption is built into the service and doesn’t require the initialization of a separate conversation type. Privacy-minded users who omit messages and prevent screenshots will benefit from the Telegram offer.


Although Telegram claims to date it has never leaked its user’s communication data to any party, technically the data is stored centrally on their servers.
Technically, this centralized data can be fragmented and distributed throughout the world, but in principle the data of all users of centralized Telegram. Conversely, WhatsApp user communication data is decentralized where all chats, photos, videos and media data are stored on each user’s device so technically WhatsApp does not have access to its customer’s data history because it is not stored on its server.
In terms of features, Telegram has a myriad of features and bots that far exceed Whatsapp so that it is loved by users who love to open but sometimes even avoided by ordinary users because it is a bit more complicated. One thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that more features are provided for in addition to providing flexibility and reverse choices as well as creating more complicated and high workloads, this is likely to be a concern for Telegram in anticipation of possible problems in the future.
WhatsApp is relatively feature-poor compared to Telegram, with a user base of nearly ten times of course the burden and complexity faced is also far greater than that faced by Telegram so this is likely to cause them to be very selective in adding and implementing new features / services and only choosing essential services


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