decdeg.com-Download app wa now will be difference. WhatsApps will soon embed a new feature specific to group chats. The feature will allow the admin to “mute” members in the group from the conversation so that the chat happens only one way. This feature called “Restrict Group” will allow the admin to limit the communication that takes place within a group. If Restrict Group is enabled, only members who have administrative status will be able to send messages in groups, while other members can only read them. This feature will reportedly prevent non-admin members from sending photos, videos, GIFs, documents, to voicemails. This means that all messaging features will be disabled for non-admin participants. Not yet known whether this feature will also silence group members to make video or voice calls or not. Because the video call feature for the group just introduced early May yesterday.

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Quoted decdeg.com from Gadgets Now, Saturday (5/12/2018), Restrict Group is rumored to be available soon for Whatsapp messenger Android version 2.13.132 and above. As for the iOS device there is no further information on what version of this feature will be present. Prevent flood information Restrict Group may be created to minimize the occurrence of flood of information in a WA group. No wonder, because it is usually the chat in a group WhatsApp app occur intensively. Important chats are often “drowned” under other less important talks. Therefore this feature may be minimized the occurrence of disinformation scattered in a group. WhatsApp messeger | whatsapp apps some time lately was indeed heavily to provide new features on the user. Some time ago WhatsApp provided a feature on group chat members to do a “coup” on the group admin. Participants can downgrade the admin to a regular member by using the “Dismiss as Admin” menu. Then recently this also adds the duration of time to delete messages to users. Initially the “wrong room” message could be removed no later than 7 minutes after the message was sent. However, now WhatsApp has extended the duration to 1 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds. The latter as mentioned at the beginning. The latest feature introduced is video calling for a group. As the name implies, Group Video Calling allows users to have face-to-face conversations via WhatsApp messenger involving more than two people. Previously, the video calling features available on WhatsApp app | whatsapp apps were interpersonal, or just two-way. With Group Video Calling, WhatsApp is able to unite at least four people (or more) that are spaced apart, to face each other and chat.

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