WhatsApp is rumored to be providing new features. This new feature creates a WhatsApp account to be used on several devices at the same time. During this time, one WhatsApp account can only be used on one device only.

When users install a WhatsApp account with the same number on different devices, it will turn off the account on other devices.

Even though it can be used on more than one device, WhatsApp ensures the conversation remains encrypted end-to-end. The Facebook subsidiary said it was developing a method for creating codes or keys for certain devices.


This new feature is said to be compatible for use on iPhone, Android, iPad and Windows devices. Citing Mashable, the WhatsApp feature for all devices was first revealed for iOS beta

WhatsApp is being aggressively spawned a number of features to hook new users. Through Version 2.19.294 for Android users, WhatsApp has been present in dark mode (dark mode) called the dark theme.

Unlike most other night modes of other apps, the ‘dark theme’ actually uses a dark blue like the night sky. It’s just that WhatsApp hasn’t released a full dark mode for this update.

As is known besides WhatsApp, dark mode has already been adopted by Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Gmail.

Not only the service, the operating system Android 10 and iOS 13 also provides automatic dark mode settings. The appearance of this setting makes all applications automatically turn dark when the dark mode setting on the operating system is turned on.

according to tekno.kompas.com, so far a WhatsApp account can only be activated on one smartphone and one additional device such as a PC. If you try to activate the account on another device outside of that, a warning will appear that there is still a cellphone or PC that is actively using the associated account. If you choose to use the WhatsApp account on a new device, the WhatsApp account on the previous device will log out and cannot be used again to send or receive messages. Also read: Next Year, WhatsApp No Longer Supports Older Android and iPhone If the WABetaInfo information above is correct, then in the future one WhatsApp account will be able to be used on many devices simultaneously without the need to log out from previous devices. Reportedly a multi-platform feature will be present in the WhatsApp update version 2.19.80, as summarized by KompasTekno from The Independent, Monday (5/8/2019).

According to beritacenter.com the WhatsApp Chat (WA) application is the most widely used instant messaging platform in most of the world. Reportedly, WA will be used in various devices at the same time when used.

This feature allows the same WhatsApp account on different devices to be used simultaneously especially those who use multiple smartphones. Or those who use a tablet accompanied by a smartphone that requires a chat application.

Reported by China Giz page, later new features will land also on the iOS platform. WABetaInfo also reported, the possibility of using the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices in one account can be used. WhatsApp will also launch the application for iPad. This will give greater meaning to multi-device features that can later be utilized by users, Tuesday (10/29/2019).

However, unfortunately the news is still unclear how the WhatsApp software team will manage real-time synchronization. Either between chats that are related to the same account or on different devices.

According to WABetaInfo, this feature is under development and WhatsApp will ensure end-to-end encryption for this type of conversation as well.

– WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) October 29, 2019

“As previously announced, WhatsApp is developing features. That will allow you to use your account on more devices at the same time. “The chat will still be encrypted end-to-end because WhatsApp is developing a new method for assigning keys to certain devices,” reads the WABetaInfo chatter.

The Chinese Giz page says that the new feature will also land on the iOS platform. WABetaInfo revealed, along with the possibility of using the same WhatsApp account on several devices, WhatsApp will also launch its application for iPad. This will give greater significance to multi-device features.

– WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) October 29, 2019

It is still unclear how the WhatsApp software team will manage real-time synchronization. Between chats that are related to the same account on different devices.

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