Some time ago, rumors that WhatsApp messenger will give special label for chain messages that forwarded from other users (forwarded).

This week, the world’s largest instant messaging service provider said it had begun applying the label to all its users.

Messages forwarded from other users will be labeled with “forwarded” at the top of the conversation bubble.

The purpose of the labeling, as summarized, is to reduce the spread of spam and hoaks –  turn back hoax, which are usually passed on a chain from one user to another.

With a label, hope users will immediately know that the message in question may be forwarded in a chain so that it can be more careful to react.

“We advise you to think again before passing on messages forwarded from other users,” called WhatsApp in a blog post containing the announcement.

In addition to labeling for chain messages, WhatsApp also provides an easy way to report spam.

Simply by opening the opponent’s or group’s profile in the conversation window, then scroll to the bottom.

There will be an option to report spam following blocking users or leaving the group. Learn more, WhatsApp provides security advice here


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