WhatsApp instant messaging service will present several new features for users. This new feature line is planned to be released in 2020.

The WhatsApp application is one of the reciprocal chat applications that is currently the most popular among smartphone users.

With a variety of features that are constantly being updated, WhatsApp is a chat application platform that never runs out of users.

However, due to ongoing system development, WhatsApp is blocking the use of the application on certain types of smartphones.

This regulation will take effect on February 1 2020 throughout the world.

Reporting from livemint, WhatsApp stop operating for several types of Android and iOS.

Some types of Android include Android 2.3.7 which is the Android operating system better known as Gingerbread.

In addition, for iOS itself, WhatsApp has decided to stop its service for iOS 8 users.

All of this is reasonable because WhatsApp cannot accommodate all types of operating systems using the latest system.

“We don’t explicitly limit the use of jailbroken or unblocked devices.”

“However, because these modifications can affect the functionality of your device, we cannot provide support for devices that use the iPhone operating system that has been modified,” WhatsApp wrote on its website.

However, you do not worry, because WhatsApp gives time for you who still use both types of smartphones with the system.

You can still use WhatsApp until February 1, 2020 later.

Since Facebook emerged, the digital culture of the community has become increasingly thick.

The pattern of information dissemination and the way of communication also change immediately.

While Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are also successful being the most popular chat application in the world today.

Its simple appearance and configuration makes this application easily understood by all levels of society.

While Instagram is now the center of all the trends that exist in the digital world.

Features like Instagram Stories might be the most commonly used social media feature.

the feature is simple, just sharing a short video with various modes or filters in it.

Unfortunately, the name Snapchat began to sink since Instagram released the Instagra Stories feature that is similar to their main features.

In the next position was also filled by two applications that focus on video services, namely Skype and TikTok.

Skype has successfully spawned a video call trend which is currently one of the favorite ways of communication.

In fact it feels like Skype has always been the top choice for video calls.

While TikTok managed to achieve success quickly after the release in 2016.

Its features are simple, just sharing a video with a music mix according to our wishes.

What’s interesting is that many TikTok users then maximize their creativity to edit videos through this application.

Alibaba Group donated UC Browser to become one of the best-selling applications of the decade.

UC Browser has become the first choice for users who are looking for a browser application with easy settings and free access.

Then there is Youtube, which is now one of the most preferred sources of information.

The slogan “Youtube is more than TV” was also popular in Indonesia following the large number of TV viewers who started switching to Youtube.

In the last position there is Twitter.

This social media is considered to be a tough rival for Facebook at the beginning of this decade.

Although still less popular with Facebook, but until now Twitter is still an option for information seekers.

Dissemination of information on Twitter is considered to be one of the fastest because of the ease of configuration.

Some new modes that will be on WhatsApp

Dark Mode

This feature is present for WhatsApp update version 2.19.294, the company is rumored to be named Dark Theme.

Dark Theme does not use deep black, but uses a dark blue like the night sky. In addition there is also an option to activate this mode according to the preferences in Settings.

In addition to WhatsApp, several applications that already use dark mode such as Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and others. Android 10 and iOS 13 also use the automatic dark mode setting. Reported by Mashable, this Facebook subsidiary is also preparing to release a face unlock security feature that functions the same as a face unlock on a cellphone. Even so, there is no detailed information related to that feature.

Ads on WhatsApp

When making a presentation at the 2019 Facebook Marketing Summit in the Netherlands, Facebook said it was completing advertising features for the WhatsApp service.

Later, the ad will be embedded in the user’s WhatsApp Status as uploaded by one of the social media activists Matt Navarra through his personal Twitter account, quoted by Tech Radar.

Delete automatic messages

This feature is known to be being tested in several users. Disappearing Message allows users to delete their messages automatically.

The automatic message delete feature will be available for WhatsApp version 2.19.275 and is said to only be used for group conversations. The message will immediately be deleted based on the time period specified by the user.

New Emoji version 13.0

WhatsApp users on update 2.19.315 will enjoy emoji version 13.0 which will launch in 2020. This latest emoji adds icons such as cheese cake, waffles, ice cubes, evaporated emojis, human emojis standing, and others.

whatsapp in 2020In fact, this emoji update appeared a few weeks after WhatsApp added a finger scanner for Android users.

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