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WhatsApp has just launched WhatsApp beta 2.19.297 for Android. In this version WhatsApp includes its Payment features in Indonesia and dark mode. Previously, the WhatsApp Payment digital wallet was tried out in India, Mexico, Brazil and the United Kingdom. This digital wallet can only use those who download WhatsApp beta because this feature is not official, as quoted from WABetaInfo. The presence of this feature will allow WhatsApp users to make payment transactions directly from WhatsApp. Users do not need to exit WhatsApp and enter other payment applications to conduct financial transactions. But it is unclear whether this payment service will partner with financial institutions in Indonesia or use WhatsApp’s digital wallet called WhatsApp Payment.

However, the Reuters news agency said that WhatsApp was in the early stages of holding talks with payment finteches such as Gojek, OVO and DANA to bring WhatsApp Payment to Indonesia to catch the booming e-commerce sector. “WhatsApp is in talks with financial partners in Indonesia about payments, but discussions are still in the initial stages and we don’t have anything else to share at this stage.” A Reuters source said. The source added that in Indonesia WhatsApp will function as a platform that supports payments through digital wallets that have received permission from the regulator.

Secondly any Delete Automatic Message feature this latest version features the latest development of the dark mode feature. Users will find Dark Bubble where in the dark mode WhatsApp bubble chat will be green. In the official version, now the chat chat with WhatsApp background is the same color, white.

Another feature that is being tested is automatically deleting messages. This feature can later only be used in WhatsApp groups, not in individual conversations. This feature will allow users to schedule automatic chat deletions after a certain amount of time. This feature is called can be very useful for information that is sensitive and do not want this information disseminated. Later there will be several options after how long the conversation will be deleted automatically.

WhatsApp recently registered an update to the Google Play Beta Program, which is an update to version 2.19.294, but unfortunately in this update the Dark Theme has not yet been included. Dark Theme is the WhatsApp designation for Dark Mode, aka dark-dark mode where the appearance will be dominated by black. Its presence has actually been waiting for a long time, maybe one reason is that it can save battery – specifically for devices with OLED screens. Dark Theme itself has been developed since WhatsApp version 2.19.289. And WABetainfo recently posted the appearance of Dark Theme for WhatsApp, so it looks like its presence might not be long.

Even so, you can still taste WhatsApp Dark Mode even though this feature hasn’t been officially released yet. Here’s how to activate WhatsApp Dark Mode for Android, quoted from TribunJogja.com. First click on the settings (settings) – display (display). Then select the theme (select theme) – dark (dark). For information that Android has provided a dark theme, especially on the version of Android Q.  After activating a dark theme, you still need to ensure other settings in the developer options. The trick is to click on the settings again – then choose about the phone (about phone). Scroll down until you find the ‘build number’. Click seven times on the number until the warning appears ‘developer mode has been activated’.After that, look for the ‘override force-dark’ option then activate it. This is used to ensure that this dark theme is also applied to WhatsApp. You can also choose to use a dark background theme to get the WhatsApp Dark Mode look like the original.  For iOS users, dark mode can be easily activated in the iOS 13 Public Beta version. The trick, enter the settings menu or settings, then select the Brightness and Display – activate dark mode.

Dark Mode can also be done by using the Smart Inverse feature which can change the screen color from light to dark. How to enter the settings, then select the accessibility – display accommodations then select smart inverse. Choose a dark WhatsApp background to get the complete dark mode feature.

Based on all statement that we discuss before, WhatsApp give some atention for their beloved user. All of them is The Dark Theme feature is not available yet. WhatsApp is working very hard on the feature in the recent few updates, in order to ensure the best bug-free experience for you, before the release for everyone. There is no issue if you have updated your WhatsApp beta version and it’s not visible for you, seen that it’s under development.

In this statement ‘we’ as ‘WhatsApp’. We have no details about when the feature will be released for everyone. So, for this reason, we invite you to be patient. We have recently talked about the new development of the Dark Theme in the 2.19.289 and 2.19.292 beta updates, learning that WhatsApp is working to implement the theme using blue night colors. we learnt that WhatsApp was working again on the Dark Mode (called by the app Dark Theme). We have also discovered that the Dark Theme uses night blue colors, and that there will be a System default option to automatically set the theme. In the precedent beta update, WhatsApp worked to implement Dark Bubbles for the theme (under development), instead in this version they improved the layout for Stickers and Emoji Background Selector,

However, keep in mind that the Dark Theme feature is not available yet. WhatsApp has been consistently working very hard on the feature in the recent few updates to ensure the best bug free experience for you his new update contains a lot of important hidden details about the upcoming Dark Theme. As per the report, WhatsApp is currently testing a slew of different themes for the dark mode on Android. WhatsApp would apparently have a “theme” option in its settings tab to enable the dark mode. These themes would be of three different types including the dark, light, and the default system theme. The white theme would be the regular white background for WhatsApp whereas the dark one would enable the much-loved dark mode. In case you’re wondering what the default system theme would be like, it would select either one of the two options (light or dark) depending on the system-wide settings.

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