Before I start explaining how to make a mining rig, I’ll show you everything you need. The equipment will vary slightly depending on the components you will use.

To make your first Ethereum mining rig, you will need:

Ethereum Hardware Mining

 Ethereum Mining Software

Material for the RIG

Ethereum Mining Hardware

There are many types of GPUs to choose from when assembling your own Ethereum mining rig. The most popular manufacturers are AMD and NVIDIA.

Any type of GPU can be used for Ethereum mining. However, I specifically recommend the hardware below for your rig:

  • AMD Radeon RX580.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060.
  • AMD Radeon RX Vega 56.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 Ti.
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX1070 Ti.

Ethereum Mining Software

Just as there are many choices for Ethereum mining hardware, mining software options are countless. However, this guide is not about the best software out there, so I’ll make it brief.

If you don’t quite understand when I say mining software, this is actually a program that connects your Ethereum mining rig to the Ethereum network.

WARNING! Downloading mining software can be a dangerous game. There are many instances where malicious software sticks to mining software packages. Programs like this can steal Ether coins that you get from mining. You have been warned!

Some of the best mining software for mining rigs are:

  • Claymore
  • EthOS
  • Geth

Mining RIG Materials

Before you begin assembling the Ethereum mining rig, check that you have all the components and devices below. The entire assembly process usually takes about an hour if you have everything you need before starting to assemble. You will be ready to start mining immediately.

To assemble your Ethereum mining rig, you will need the items below:

• Long (Angled aluminum) aluminum (5 × 24 ”, 8 × 14”) corner boards

• Wooden beams (3x 1 “x1”)

• A power supply unit that can power all components


• Power cable

• Random access memory (RAM)

• Central Processing Unit (CPU)

• Heatsink fan

• Powered riser

  • GPU

o Electric Drill

o Tapping screw

o Screwdriver

o Cable ties (Zip ties)

o Electric switch

o USB pendrive is empty

o Computers

o Computer monitor

o Ethernet cable

How to make a Mining Rig

  1. First, you must connect the 14 ”aluminum corner board to form two square frames. For this, you will use a drill and tapping screw.
    1. Next, you connect the two aluminum frames using a longer aluminum. Once again, use drill and screw to ensure everything is smooth and solid. You now have a box-shaped steel frame.
    1. Now you need the last long aluminum as a rod to hold your GPU in its place. This should be installed around 3-4 “in from the edge of the mining rig frame.
    1. The next step is to add wooden beams to the bottom of the frame (opposite the retaining rod).
      1. Add three wooden blocks to the board using your mother board as a guide for where to place the blocks.
      1. You have to put your motherboard properly in order. So, add one block close to the edge of the frame and the second block where the opposite edge of the motherboard will be. The third beam is placed in the middle of these two blocks.

Build the Computer

  • Now that the frame is ready, you need to put the parent papa. This time use a screwdriver and tapping screw. This will prevent you from damaging the motherboard when putting it in place.Next you need to add the CPU to the motherboard.Carefully remove the CPU from the protective enclosure and slowly move it to the CPU housing on your motherboard. It’s important not to touch the motherboard or CPU base. Fingerprints can damage these sensitive components. After the CPU is placed, lock it with a cover on the parent papa.The next component to install is the CPU heatsink fan. Put this on the CPU and tighten it with a 4-pin connection that is next to the CPU.Then, it’s time to add RAM to the mining rig.Take the RAM stick and place it in the relevant place on the motherboard. The specific place will be clearly seen. However, if not, check in your motherboard manual. It may take a bit of pressure to click the RAM in its proper place.Add the Power Supply Unit

5. Now, you need to add Now, you need to add your power supply unit.

  • Place the power supply unit next to the motherboard in order. There must be a 24-pin gap (main power input) and an 8-pin gap (for CPU) on the motherboard.
  •  Use the power cable to connect the motherboard to the power supply unit.

6. Next, increase the power riser (powered riser). This is used to connect the motherboard to the GPU.

  • Because this device requires electricity (powered), it needs to be connected to the power supply unit. Add more power cords to connect these devices to the power supply unit.
  • On your powered riser, there will be a USB cable that leads to the chip. These chips must be placed in the relevant position (PCI-E gap) on the motherboard. Again, use the manufacturing guide to find these locations if you are not sure where to add them.

Install GPU

Now it’s time to add the most important component of your cryptomic currency mining rig – GPU. You need to take each GPU and connect a powered riser to it. There will be a gap on each GPU to connect the riser properly.Sumber: wikimonks

Next, connect each GPU to the power supply unit. Use more power cords to do this. There will be an 8-pin cable hole towards the top of each GPU for the cable. Be careful when making sure all cables are in order, otherwise they will look messy!

After that, you have to hang all GPUs in order. Now, your frame will look rather full of various components, so we want to add all the GPUs to the top of the frame. You can use zip ties to hang your GPU to a horizontal length of aluminum on the top of the frame. You don’t want to put it too close together. Try to make a 6 “pause between GPUs.

The last component to be added is an electric switch. Place the power switch inside the motherboard.

Running the software

On your computer, download the Ethereum mining software that you want to use and insert it into the USB drive. For this example, we use ethOS.

Connect your USB pendrive to the USB drive on the motherboard and connect the ethernet cable to the ethernet cable jack on the motherboard. Connect the other end to your internet router. Connect the monitor and connect it to the motherboard too.

Now you are ready to get started!

Turn on your GPU Mining Rig

Turn on the power supply unit and use the power switch to turn on the motherboard. If you connect everything correctly, the GPU fan will start rotating, and you will see the software start running on the monitor. If you use ethOS, you need to type “show miner” (show miners) and you will see a lot of text appearing on the screen. If so, then you are mining Ether on Ethereum!

How long it takes to mine an Ethereum block will depend on the number and power of your GPU units. All you need to do is sit down, relax and wait for the money to arrive!

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