Definition of Start Up

Actually, what is a Startup? Maybe there are still many people who do not understand this term. The word Startup itself is an absorption of English which means the action or process of starting a new organization or business venture.

According to Wikipedia, the meaning of startup is to refer to companies that have not been in operation for long. These companies are mostly newly established companies and are in the development and research phase to find the right market.

Understanding startup above may be more in terminology, but in my opinion it will be easier if the term Startup is defined as a new company that is being developed. Starting to develop in the late 90s until 2000, in fact the term Startup is widely ‘mated’ with everything that smells of technology, the web, the internet and those related to that domain.

Startup Business Development in Indonesia

The development of Indonesia’s startup business can be said to be quite rapid and continues to experience a significant increase. Even though many startup businesses fail, many new startup founders or owners appear every year or even every month. At present, the local startup business in Indonesia has reached more than 1500. The number of startup businesses that continue to emerge are not spared from the support and the huge potential of internet users in Indonesia which will increase from year to year. This certainly becomes a very promising land for establishing a startup company.

Some research says that internet users in Indonesia in 2013 are estimated to have reached 70 million people, while in 2017 internet users in Indonesia have reached 133 billion people. This development is very fast and is still likely to continue to grow from year to year. If you look at the development of internet users in 2013 to 2017, you can imagine the number of Indonesian internet users for the next few years which will surely be very large. Not only that, the purchasing power of the people also continues to increase along with the increasing income per capita of the people of this country. This also indirectly influenced the development of the Indonesian startup industry.

An article on believes that startup businesses in Indonesia can be classified into the following three groups.

  • Game creator startup
  • Educational application startup
  • Trade startups such as e-commerce and information.

Currently, Indonesia’s most popular startup business is game startups and educational applications. This business is considered to have a potential and open market in Indonesia. Not only that, the process of making games and educational applications is also relatively easy. The market for mobile games and social games also does not want to lose and grow even bigger. This is also supported by the continued development of social media and smartphones.

Meanwhile, trade startups such as e-commerce and information still have considerable challenges. This is due to the minimal use of credit cards. However, for startup businesses engaged in information or news information providers with a variety of themes have much more rapid development.

Tips on Startup Business Success

The following are tips for success to start and open a startup business in Indonesia that you must know.

1. Understand What is a Startup

Before you plan to start a startup business, surely you must also know and understand what startup is. In general, the startup business moves quickly by utilizing technology to become a large company. Business startups are also more inclined to provide solutions to a problem while still utilizing technological sophistication

2. Establishing Intentions

Before you want to open and run an Indonesian startup business, make sure that you have clear intentions. Not only that, you also have to know and understand your goals in starting the business. This is because your business goals can also affect the success of your business. With a clear purpose, you also will not feel quickly give up when hit by a problem during the development of your business.

3. Make a Business Plan

After having a clear business idea and goals, the next step is to develop a Business Plan. Start by making a business concept that you will run, then also determine the steps ahead that you have to do and the targets that you will achieve each month. You do not need to make complicated planning, just enough with a simple concept so it is not stuck in place.

4. Ensuring the Products Offered Are Needed by Many People

After developing a good business plan, make sure that the products you offer are also needed by the community. Don’t forget to keep on innovating because the times will continue to develop and change, as well as human needs. With innovation, it is hoped that your business will continue to be in demand by many people.

5. Looking for a suitable work partner

One of them the success of a business is also influenced by the team that you have. If your team is solid and can support each other, then this will help the startup business that you are running to achieve success.

6. Don’t Feel Satisfied Quickly

Do not be too quickly satisfied and big-headed if your business can go according to plan. Continue to remember that what you get now may not last long. As you know that business will always experience growth following the needs of a society that is also growing. Many creative people are also emerging who are likely to become your competitors. Continue to learn and increase knowledge, especially matters relating to the business that you are running so that your business will continue to grow.\

There is an example of a World-Famous Local Startup Company :

1. Go-Jek

Go-Jek began operations in 2011, precisely in the city of Jakarta. However, Go-Jek has now spread to almost all cities in Indonesia, including even in remote areas. The presence of Go-Jek was also followed by the presence of other shuttle transportation services. However, Go-Jek’s popularity is still above the clouds.

2. Tokopedia

This business idea was sparked by William Tanuwijaya who now serves as CEO of Tokopedia. At its inception, many people underestimated William because he was not the son of a businessman. However, the teasing of others actually made William Tanuwijaya eager to establish Tokopedia.

3. Traveloka

Traveloka is one of the startups in Indonesia made by Fery Unardi, which is engaged in traveling. At present, Traveloka has a valuation of more than $ 2 billion, equivalent to Rp26.6 trillion.

Those are some explanations about Indonesian startups. Every year this business will continue to grow along with the development of increasingly advanced technology. If you are interested in starting to develop and run this business, keep looking for information about the startup business.


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