Game developer from China, Mihoyo seems to want to explore the popularity of Genshin Impact. Not only through mobile games, Mihoyo also presents Genshin Impact through a Japanese comic or manga. In collaboration with a comic publisher from Japan, namely Dengeki Comics, Mihoyo officially released “Genshin Impact Anthology Manga” in Sakura country on February 27, 2021.

Genshin Impact Anthology manga carries the “slice of life” genre, which is telling stories about everyday life with light, entertaining, and realistic stories. The story in Genshin Impact Anthology is packaged in a comedy nuance. This comic tells the experience of the protagonists, Aether and Lumine, in interacting with the characters in Genshin Impact. The story in the Genshin Impact Anthology is classified as non-canon. That is, the story in the manga has nothing to do with the plot of the story in the game.

This manga seems to be released only to entertain readers. One of the episodes in the Genshin Impact Anthology comic is a cooking competition in Mondstadt which is participated by Fischl, Barbara, and Bennett. Of course, that story will not be found in the mobile game version of Genshin Impact. The characterization of the characters in the manga can also be different from the game version.

Genshin Impact Anthology presents a different theme in each episode. In addition to the story of the cooking competition, there is also a short story of Lisa and Jean that teaches players how to climb cliffs, to the experience of making bombs together with Klee.

Since it was first published, Genshin Impact Anthology has gained high popularity in its home country. Until now there have been dozens of stories that have been released in the Genshin Impact Anthology manga.

Besides Genshin Impact Anthology, Mihoyo actually released another comic called Genshin Impact Manga. The difference is, this comic is in the canon category because it presents a narrative and plot that is in line with the storyline in the game.

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