If you are a fan or active user of social media, you will definitely be very familiar with current trends. Every social media platform competes to attract the attention of internet users in various ways, one of which is the most current trend, the Stories feature. Almost all social media platforms such as Instagram, Line, Facebook, Whatsapp, and various social media applications certainly provide Stories features. Stories feature has become one of the trends among young people because this feature provides services to share videos or pictures with a temporary or non-permanent time with a duration of approximately 24 hours. This is like supporting the spirit of sociality of young people who want their existence to remain at any time because the Stories feature can be directly seen and responded to by other social media users and will automatically disappear after 24 hours. Reporting from Daily Sorted, that this feature will be one of the features that will be global on social media. This is also a sign that the world of social media will shift towards visualization. People will capture it more often in Stories because it is more practical and faster to upload so that captured moments are faster to publish and people who are in their social circle can immediately find out the moment felt.

Before trying the feature Stories, it will be better if you know the facts about the Stories feature that you don’t know below

1. Introduced by Snapchat

Long before the famous Stories feature via one of the social media platforms namely Instagram with the name Snapgram / InstaStories was already there and was famous for one of the social media called Snapchat. Snapchat is the first social media that is different from another existing social media such as Facebook which is well-known for its status and photo sharing, as well as Twitter which is famous as a place for people to tweets (expressing complaints and aspirations) by showing their innovations related to sending messages that is using visual media that is by pictures or videos that can be sent directly to the destination. Snapchat also includes filter features, this filter makes videos or images more attractive with various types. This filter feature was also finally adapted by other social media like Instagram and the like to attract the interest of its users.

2. Snapchat popularized the word “Story” for the first time

In the middle of 2013, Snapchat embodied a new innovation in the world of technology and social media by making a very significant update by adding a feature and naming it the word “Story“. Snapchat wants users to be able to post all activities that they consider part of a life Story, take the word “Story” itself which has the meaning of a Story and it turns out that the step has proven effective. Social media enthusiasts who initially used Facebook a lot began to switch to Snapchat because this Story feature was more suitable than other social media. Quoted from Socially Sorted, Snapchat with its Story feature is able to attract the interest of around 10 million active social media users, mostly dominated by teenagers.

3. Instagram uses “Stories” to their apps

Instagram took a bold step for the development of its business, in the middle of 2016, Instagram gave an update to their application by adding the same features as that of Snapchat. Even Instagram also gives the same name as their appendage, InstaStories. This step is considered quite crazy because Snapchat, which grew big thanks to its trademark, is considered Instagram‘s toughest rival and hard to beat. But fate says otherwise. They prove that the steps they took have brought success to them. Reporting from Socially Sorted, 47 percent of users of Snapchat prefer Instagram Stories owned by Instagram after the feature was launched to the public.

4. A special reason from Instagram release Stories

Instagram states that they have a special reason why they launched the Stories feature on their application. Instagram feels that all this time, Instagram has been used by its users to share photos that have been edited to make them look more beautiful or handsome, so that the impression of spontaneity from an event ceases to exist. It also makes the impression of each post to be glamorous and feared to intimidate its users. Therefore, to better support their users, they launched the Stories feature so that users can be more natural to share their daily activities. Quoting from Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom, as reported by Recode, “The biggest problem experienced by Instagram users is the feeling of being pressured to share amazing photos. When in fact they want to share a lot of things but don’t want to hang it on the gallery wall because they feeling not confident with theirself,”

5. The presence of filters adds interest to Stories Users

With the addition of various kinds of additions to Stories such as filters that are able to add more attractive accessories to photos or videos make the Stories feature more loved by its users, various filters according to the needs that are usually also thematic make users able to be creative to beautify their photos or videos . Filters also usually always get an update every time there are certain moments such as when the newyear celebration, Eid al-Fitr, independence day, and also another celebrations.

6. Stories become a new place for marketing promotion of a business.

Instagram users are increasing significantly each year, making companies and business organizations start to see Instagram as a good tool to attract customers, however a business needs a community of customers to grow the product or business, also for the existence of a product. Various business services also seem to be starting to be facilitated by Instagram, one of the forms is also provided by Instagram a different type of account from the usual account, namely a business account with some classification differences from the usual account such as being able to promote a post, do a swipe up that can direct users to a link to make buying and selling transactions, business accounts can also see how the account traffic is whether the account is often opened by other users or even rarely know the account. And of course the business world will be increasingly crowded and each advertiser must think of the best way so that their ads can attract Instagram users.

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