Hello welcome back with noni.

This time I will tell you the latest information from Instagram.

Quoting from kompas.com instagram representatives stated a new feature that requires users to log in to see uploaded photos and videos on profiles that are public.

This feature has been around since last week.

During this time, anyone, even those who don’t have an Instagram account, can stalk their public profile profiles.

All photos uploaded, Instagram Strories and tagged photos can be seen.

However, with this new limitation feature, users must have and log in to an Instagram account first, then you can stalking account profiles that are public or non-public.

The first time you open the Instagram post, a pop-up log-in will appear.

Then after you register / enter an account, you can continue to browse public profile posts in full.

Quoted from Kompas.com, Instagram has a reason why launching this feature.

“This feature will help people see photos on Instagram and understand how to get an Instagram experience after entering the community, connecting, and interacting with the people they care about,” explained Instagram representative, summarized KompasTekno from Mashable Asia, Sunday (10/27/10) / 2019).

Previously, this kind of feature already existed first on Facebook, where users who are not logged in will only be able to see some content or only limited.

But for Instagram, this kind of feature is only available.

With this feature, it is likely to further boost the number of Instagram users by attracting non-users to have an Instagram account.

The increasing number of users will have an impact on advertising services and business.

Instagram was previously said to be planning to double the ads on its application.


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