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Did You Know Vulkan?

We know that Vulkan technology has been present for the past few years, but in fact many of us do not know for sure about it. In fact, you might already have a device that is ready to fully support this technology. So, in this article we will have a little flashback about the understanding and glimpse of the history of Vulkan technology.

There are many GPU choices to this day that have tough specifications with the best technology, but in fact advances in graphics technology are not the primary domain of this exclusive hardware. While the announcement of a new card is getting a lot of attention, it’s basically a software choice that ensures that all the power isn’t wasted. For example, a fastest sports car in the world might just sit still on the track until a skilled driver can use it behind the wheel. That’s where Vulkan come into play.

What Vulkan Really Does

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Simply put, Vulkan is the next step in the evolution of open standards that were previously popularized by OpenGL, and this is in fact a direct omission of AMD’s Mantle API. With the presence of this technology, it will bring many benefits that are almost the same as technology such as DirectX 12, when compared with its predecessor.

We will see how graphics now look better, and the game feels to run faster, both on DirectX 12 including Vulkan. Although, Vulkan’s choice seems to have its own advantages when compared to Microsoft platforms that are out of performance.

For starters, DirectX 12 is a choice baked into Windows 10, Microsoft’s all-in-one platform. That’s great for developers who want to move their code from, say, Xbox One to Windows Phone. However, this is not so good if the developer has a choice outside the Windows ecosystem. Well, that’s where Vulkan entered. Vulkan’s creator is the same as OpenGL (Khronos Group) is a agnostic platform and open source API , where it can be present from the console, to the PC, to the smartphone, regardless of the operating system. You will even see that each type of game will feel the same on Windows OS, Linux and so on.

Better Gaming Experience

Typically, older standards such as DirectX 11 and OpenGL have an automatic process of memory allocation on the GPU, while Vulkan technology gives programmers even greater control over their hardware, which means developers have greater flexibility in interacting with the GPU and CPU. This level of control is suitable for thinner drivers, but also gives developers the option of how much hardware control they want. Devs can choose to use Vulkan directly, meaning they have full control of the hardware. The first level of hardware control seen at Mantle brings more to Vulkan, allowing developers to utilize more CPU and GPU cores.

This also means that games equipped with this technology will be able to handle virtual reality applications going forward, as well as other hardware enhancements such as 4K range monitors and of course higher dynamic options. In other words, the game will look much better, while taking advantage of the more efficient hardware available and developing. We can even see a game that runs with Vulkan will have a performance increase of as high as 25%.

Vulkan for Other Platforms

Vulkan can be a big shot in the hands of Linux gamers (due to the Linux OS there is no DirectX API available exclusively for Microsoft platforms such as: Windows and XBOX devices, so far they can do something about the same for business matters, even though the game library sometimes still limited but growing, this also means Valve’s SteamOS, which is a derivative of Linux, will be a more viable platform for gamers to deliver their horses for a game.

Today’s Vulkan framework is unified across all hardware platforms. That means there is no difference between Vulkan running on our smartphone and Vulkan technology running on a PC-specific gaming rig.

Vulkan for VR

To make the VR experience comfortable for users, regardless of hardware or software, the choice of graphics remains the main one, where it needs to be able to run performance at 90 frames per second. But when your GPU is capable, then the presence of software needs to maintain 90 fps without having many frame drops , so gamers don’t lose immersion, or feeling dizzy when comes to VR. This is where Vulkan helps reduce lower overhead for virtual reality and faster performance features, but reduces latency. Low latency is very important for VR experience.

Future Experiences

Vulkan is the best way to get this performance, where technology choices like OpenGL or DX11 won’t be able to reach that level. This does not mean that there is something wrong with both, but we can say that there is only one leading technology choice that is able to minimize latency and increase responsiveness, which the two previous technological supports have not been able to support.

So if you are a gamer, there are many advantages to what this technology has to offer, but for sure, the game will look better, run better, and run on more platforms. And if you are a developer, Vulkan gives us unprecedented control over hardware, while streamlining the port game process to other platforms. No matter how we look at it, Vulkan is meant to be a winner for everyone in the game.


Vulkan is a future framework that supports almost every gaming platform known to the gaming community today. For Windows users who have the full support of DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 by Microsoft, Vulkan is a destroyer for both of them in the future for competition, many sources say that DX12 and Vulkan do not differ much, because they both carry the “low-level” API. But for the problem of many users without certain platform restrictions, Vulkan is the answer. Plus, now the gamers on the Android line are increasing “quite rapidly” which is certainly a challenge for Microsoft to fight Vulkan which can go to other platforms such as Sony’s PS4 or Apple devices.


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