Definition and Function of Virtualbox

Virtualbox is Oracle’s free software whose main function is to visualize one or many Operating Systems (OS) in our main Operating System.

Virtualbox Functions

1. Try any Operating System.

Virtualbox can play all operating systems be it using Windows, Linux or other Linux derivatives. Virtualbox can also be used to test new OS.

2. As a medium for you to make network simulations.

In Virtualbox, you can create many virtual machines and play them all at once. amazingly we can combine all the active machines earlier in one network. It’s as if you have a lot of computers connected.

3. As a computer that is flexible and we can move around as we like.

For example, we can create an antivirus server and attendance server at the same time for office use in a virtual form on one computer. Now we can move the antivirus and attendance server to another computer by moving our virtual machine to another computer if at any time the main computer is damaged. usually the virtualbox file format has an .VDI extension. then just copy and paste it to another computer.

This question is often asked from people who have just tried Virtualbox
# What is the maximum number of virtual machines that can be run at once on Virtualbox?
As much as it is, as long as your PC or laptop resources are capable.
One active virtual machine has its own RAM ration, fortunately the amount of RAM used can be buddy's settings all you want, at about how much RAM is rationed so that the virtual machine continues to run smoothly. The amount of RAM used for virtual machines will reduce the amount of RAM used to run the main OS.
It's safe not to let the main OS lack RAM resources. In addition, processor performance will also be divided.
Is it safe if I use a virtual machine continuously, to replace a normal computer?
It's safe, even I use Virtualbox to run the Database Server. Live 24 hours nonstop. Actually it depends on the specifications of the computer as well, if you want to run a virtual machine, you shouldn't.
# How do I make the virtual machine that I run as if a real computer on the office network?
Each virtual machine that is made has its own network card settings, use Bridge mode to make it look like a real computer. the conditions must be connected to the local network. don't forget the IP settings.
# Why is there no choice to make 64-bit operating system virtualization on my virtualbox?
It should be noted, if you want to create and run a 64bit virtual machine, the main computer must have 64-bit OS as well. whereas if your main computer has 64 bits, it should be able to run 32 or 64 bit virtual machines.
But in certain cases that usually occur in Windows 8 even though your host has 64 bits, you still can't run a 64-bit virtual machine because you have to set the BIOS first by activating the Virtualization feature in the security menu, Enable Intel Virtualization Tech and VT- features. d.
then enter the control panel> turn the windows feature on or off> turn off the Hyper-V feature.
The advantages and disadvantages of VirtualBox in its use
VirtualBox or better known as Oracle VM VirtualBox is an open source virtual machine for 32 bit (x86) computer systems that is available free and commercially. Currently the VirtualBox software is developed by Oracle Corporation. Free VirtualBox released under the terms of the GPL license version 2, for additional components available under the terms of the PUEL license.
VirtualBox can be installed in a number of host operating systems including Linux, MacOS, Windows, Solaris, and OpenSolaris. To find out most examples of computer operating systems and explanations such as the OS VirtualBox host and others.
This software supports making management of guest virtual machines and derivatives of Windows, Linux, BSD, OS / 2, Solaris, haiku, OS x86, and others. For Apple virtualization is only available limited to guest mac OS hardware.
VirtualBox software can allow users to run an operating system within another operating system. Whether it's Windows, Linux, or other operating systems can be run via VirtualBox.
For example if we want to load other operating systems on Windows 8 due to the advantages and disadvantages of Windows 8. We can use VirtualBox to do that.
Simply put, the application of VirtualBox is similar to the android emulation process on a computer. The best android emulator can do the same thing that VirtualBox does.
Vmware Player and VirtualBox are two virtualization software packages for x86 computer architecture systems. Both of these devices are software that is widely used by people in general. VirtualBox when compared to VMware Player does not have a significant difference so it is difficult to determine which is the best because both have advantages and disadvantages of each. Here I will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of VirtualBox. So just to mention the following are the advantages and disadvantages of VirtualBox:
The advantages of VirtualBox
One of the advantages of VirtualBox is its simple use and easy installation process. Does not require a very long time to download and install the software. Its simplicity also makes VirtualBox a heart of choice for home users who want to use a different Operating System on their computers. Its small size makes this software can be stored by using relatively little size on the user's hard disk space. Here are other advantages of VirtualBox.
offers a built-in GUI based Wizard to clone a VM,
offers a built-in VM snapshot, and supports multiple snapshots,
supports various disk image depictions (for example in, vmdk, vhd, hdd, qed, and qcow),
supports multiple virtual monitors for guests from the VM,
can be installed OS X, Windows 7, Windows 2008 Server, Solaris, OpenSolaris, FreeBSD,
upgrading existing minor versions more often,
display A more comprehensive built-in command line, for creating and running VMs. (for example VboxManage).
Weaknesses of VirtualBox
When compared with Windows Virtual PC and VMware workstations. VirtualBox does not come up with many significantly different features. Although the features in VirtualBox are enough for ordinary users to run the software, sometimes some users of VirtualBox need to use more features to be able to run a variety of more complex tasks. Here are some of the shortcomings that exist in VirtualBox:
Besides the disadvantages that have been mentioned if you use VirtualBox there are also deficiencies in terms of security. When you open a communication channel, if the connection is insecure the irresponsible party can abuse the access. In certain situations the use of a virtual machine to load operating systems or applications that are not trusted. Additional guests can provide new problems due to the emergence of negative risks that can occur.
There is more code in the security loader, as well as the risk of bugs that can insert new code into the virtual machine which can certainly affect the performance of its host.
Additional features available may increase the efficiency of use of VirtualBox, but this can make the data contained therein also vulnerable to misuse. For example, an application in a Virtual Machine can peer or copy all clipboard content on its host.
The NAT from the guest VM is isolated from the others, and cannot communicate with each other.
Bridged Networking or host-only networking is required if the guest VM needs to communicate with one another on a layer 2 network.
Does not support the help of Nest Hardware virtualization.
Does not support the use of USB 3.0 types
VirtualBox as one of the Virtual Machine software can also make the operation of cloud computing with different methods that might improve the performance of the cloud computing.
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