VPN or virtual private network is a relationship between one network to another network using a private network through a private network. This connection occurs virtually on a particular network without any real encrypted connection. So, if you want to access a Local Area Network that is at a certain distance, through an internet connection or other network to transmit data privately. By using a VPN, we can avoid intruders when transmitting data that can enter network traffic at any time.

VPN is very helpful at all, it is highly recommended to use VPN if we want to surf the internet especially when using wifi in public places. lots of people who like to use free wifi in public places, but it’s better to buy a modem that can be taken anywhere, the reason is quite simple, DATA SECURITY

Simply put, a VPN to connect smartphones, tablet, PC to another computer (commonly referred to as VPN Server) in a place that is connected to the Internet, and allow you to surf the Internet using the Internet network computer. So if the computer (server) is in a different country, it will be the country that is used when the internet tries to hit the device through the connection, then can access something that cannot be accessed from your country.

How does a VPN wor

After knowing what is VPN and its function, then the way VPN works must also know. The way VPN works is simply to encrypt data exchange even before a public connection at a coffee shop or internet cafe reads it. When connected to the internet using a VPN connection is like accessing the internet using a special aisle, not using the main network.

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The workings of the VPN itself is to create a network in the network (often called tunneling). Tunneling aims to create a private connection line by utilizing other network infrastructure. The VPN server is in charge of forwarding the connection to the site you want to access. So the connection made will be recognized as a connection from the VPN server network instead of the network used at that time.

When using a network without VPN, the connection is done directly (directly) without encryption. Meanwhile, if you use a VPN, the connection is encrypted and passed through the VPN server. generally, when we access a website on the internet, then we will be connected to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). All data traffic requests for websites that we access will pass through the ISP server and can be seen by the ISP.

This connection has indeed become the standard used when we use the internet. There is no encryption and all data involved in the process of exchanging data between devices and applications on the internet can be seen by many people.

It does not matter if the data processed is only data about Google searches, entertainment or the like. This will be a problem if the data processed is online banking, business email, or anything a little more sensitive. Of course this will be a different story. To carry out online attacks, usually on hackers using the technique of attack Man in the Middle (MITM) – this will be discussed later.

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Unlike the case with computers that use VPN when accessing the internet. VPN will encrypt data so that only VPN server users can find out the user’s data traffic and the sites opened by the user.

What are the Benefits of VPN?

VPN with the workings described above, has several benefits. Remote access is one of them, where when we access the office network from anywhere it can be done. Even if you use an outside network, using VPN, your device will be recognized by the internet as an office network user. In addition there are several other benefits

1. ByPass

Can bypass geographic restrictions on streaming or video sites. For example by the government to access sites that are considered dangerous, and so forth.

2. Data Security on Public networks

protect the exchange of data that you do from WiFi or untrusted networks. This will help when using public networks in cafes, bars and the like.

3. Securing Personal Information

VPN hides your location directly. So, not just anyone can find out where you are when accessing it. Usually the location detected is the location of your VPN server.

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4. Data and device encryption

When processing data exchange between you and an online web application, your data is encrypted. So even if someone sees what the computer is sending, they only see information that has been encrypted, not just raw data. Additionally, someone cannot easily identify the device you are using, or what you are doing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of VPN

Using a VPN server on a corporate computer network to transmit data that is confidential or private helps to overcome things that are not desirable, such as cases of data theft that is rife. By using VPN no one can infiltrate your private network so that the security level of transmission is very high. In addition to concealing real identities, VPNs can also limit search history by ISPs and governments. However, there are some drawbacks to using VPN, one of which is the connection which is sometimes slower. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of VPN.

1. Advantages of VPN

  • For companies that need a special, secure network, VPN is a cheaper solution
  • With a VPN, company mobility will be better where workers can connect to the office network through personal devices at home
  • VPN security features can be tailored to your needs

2. VPN shortages

  • When providing access to employees globally, the safety factor becomes a risk in itself because sensitive company information can be accessed.
  • Extra attention is needed in establishing a VPN security system

From what has been discussed above, it is highly recommended to use VPN if you want to surf the internet. This is so that you can get more privacy about how you work on the internet. However, it also needs to pay attention to the risks involved when using the internet. Make sure you use VPN properly and wisely.

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