Good news for iPhone owners who use Google services. Apple phones can now be used as hardware “keys” for two-step verification (2-factor authentication, 2FA) in securing Google accounts. This capability was added through an update to the Google Smart Lock application on iOS. When opening an updated application, a prompt will appear to activate the default security lock on the iPhone. After the security key is activated, iPhone will open the Smart Lock application every time the user enters a Google account username and password on the device. Also read: WhatsApp Android Update Can Lock Fingerprints, Here’s How to Use It The iPhone must be around the device that will log into your Google account. Because authentication is done via Bluetooth, not just sending codes via the internet. The Bluetooth feature on the login device must also be activated.

Aplikasi Smart Lock di iOS kini memiliki opsi untuk menggunakan iPhone sebagai kunci untuk verifikasi dua langkah.

Thus, the iPhone becomes a hardware key that must be taken when going into a Google account. According to information compiled by KompasTekno from 9to5Google, Thursday (1/16/2020), Google utilizes the Secure Enclave feature on the Apple A-series chip belonging to the iPhone to use the cellphone as a hardware security key. considered safer than the 2FA code sent via SMS. Also read: Android Cellphone Can Be the Key to Gmail and friends on a PC, Here’s How This is actually not a completely new feature because Google previously made all Android 7.0 devices can be used as 2FA keys when logging into Gmail, Drive, and other services .

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