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US Air Defense System the Patriot Facts.

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The Patriot’s.

US Anti-missile System, the Patriot, or Patriot MIM-104 is an air defense system and the main missile or missile belonging to the United States (US).

Patriot missiles in history were originally created as a system to ward off war planes. But in its development, the Patriot Missile was used by the US and its allies in the 1991 Gulf War to counter missiles from Iraq.

Patriot missiles are claimed to be able to fend off tactical ballistic missiles and air threats such as aircraft and cruise missiles. Citing the official website of Army Technology, the Patriot defense system has four missiles for each launcher. The missile is then stored and launched from an aluminum tube mounted on a trailer using an 8×8 chassis. Each Patriot unit, has a power generating truck with two 150-KW generators.

Patriot’s in Action.

The launcher is pulled by an Oshkosh M983 8×8 tractor truck or other tractor truck. The mobile version of the Patriot Missile uses a MAN KAT 1 8×8 high mobility vehicle. It takes 25 minutes to prepare a position ready to fire until launch.

The Patriot Missile Battery or firing unit is a basic operating element. The firing unit itself consists of a command post, radar, 8 to 16 launchers and support vehicles. The battery can intercept up to 8 targets simultaneously.

Patriot missile launchers claimed to be able to track targets up to 1 kilometer from radar or command post vehicles. The Patriot radar is claimed to be able to track fighter jets at a distance of 110 to 130 kilometers, bombers at a distance of 160 to 190 kilometers, missiles at a distance of 85 to 100 kilometers and missile warheads in the range of 60 to 70 kilometers.
Quoting Miltary Today, Patriot missiles are claimed to have the ability to shoot targets that move at speeds of 8 kilometers per hour. Not only that, the Patriot missile is able to attack 36 targets at once with radar tracking the movements of 125 targets at the same time.

US Military Display.

In its development, patriot missiles have issued various variants such as Patriot Advanced Capability (PAC) 2, PAC-3, Guidance Enhanced Missile (GEM-T), and PAC-3 MSE.

Citing Missile Defense Advocacy, these variants are able to increase patriot missiles have wider maneuverability through a rocket with a larger tail that is claimed to be able to paralyze ballistic missiles in large numbers.

PAC-2 and 3 are claimed to be able to knock out 100 different targets and be able to control 9 missiles simultaneously. Patriot missiles were used by US forces in Kuwait in 2003 during the Iraq conflict. Patriot missiles are used by more than 13 countries such as Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates and Taiwan.
Nevertheless the ability of the Patriot missile or anti-missile system is not always perfect. Some time ago, this patriot missile had been teased by Russia for failing to protect Saudi Arabian oil refineries from drone attacks and cruise missiles from Yemen.

Later, Iranian missile attacks were also able to penetrate the US military base in Iraq. The attack was launched by Iran to avenge the attack of US President Donald Trump who killed Iranian General Qaseem Soleimani. Trump claims it did not place the US flagship Patriot anti-missile system in Iraq.

THAAD Missile

In addition to patriot missiles, the United States also has another alternative, namely the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile system. One of the THAAD anti-missile systems was installed in South Korea to anticipate North Korean missile attacks.

THAAD missiles have the ability to intercept enemy missiles, which come at an altitude of around 40-50 kilometers. On that basis, THAAD missiles are not suitable for chasing enemy fighter jets, which fly at much lower altitudes.

THAAD Missile Launched.

This land-based missile defense system can be used quickly, with high mobility, with a range in the range of 200 km and altitudes up to 150 km.

THAAD is a system that can be operated with other Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) elements and can receive signals from Aegis, satellites and other external sensors, and work together with the Patriot PAC-3 system.

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