What We Hope to See at Mobile World Congress 2020

These are the smartphones we want to see, expect to see, or have been told we will see, at MWC 2020. They include foldables, premium smartphones, and budget devices too. While in...
playstation 5

PS5 (Part 2) Design, Controller, and What Can We Play

PS5 Design PS5 (Part 2) Design, Controller, and What Can We Play, There are a number of buttons: on/standby, reset, eject (for the double-layer 100GB-reading Blu-ray drive), system initialization and network initialization, all...
playstation 5

PS5 Release Date, Specs, and Price That We Know So Far

The PS5 is coming – so what do we know so far? PS5 Release Date, Specs, and Price That We Know So Far The new generation of PlayStation, PS5, is coming...
world tech

Cruelty of Digital Footprint

Know Digital Traces, From Understanding, Practices, To How To Reduce It. In the current era, humans today produce far more digital footprint than before. This happens because the use of...

Industrial Revolution Era 4.0: Everything You Need to Know

An Overview of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Industrial Revolution 4.0 is a phenomenon that collaborates cyber technology and automation technology. The concept of application is centered on the concept of...


Oppo Reno 2 carries a screen that fills the face, not using the same notch as its predecessor. Oppo installed a front camera pop-up mechanism like a 'shark fin', and the...

Knowing Computer Processor Damage

One of the computer components that is very vital is its processor. The processor function on the computer is the brain of all computer capabilities. Every command and action...

Knowing BIOS

When we first start the computer or laptop and press the ESC button as fast as possible, the kit will enter into an arrangement that may not be understood...

Laptop Specifications for 3D Graphic Design

Nowadays, laptops are one of the computer devices that are quite loved by several people. practical use and easy to carry everywhere are some of the reasons that are...

Choosing the Best Web Hosting Service

When we have made a web application, then the next step is to just post it to web hosting. The function of web hosting itself is a place to...

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Here’s Why Paying For Your Traffic Is A Smart Move

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Effectively Using Overture/Yahoo To Get Website Visitors

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