twitter vs kaspersky of proximity to Russian intelligence, Twitter forbids Kaspersky Lab from advertising on its services. This decision was also taken because the company is famous for its antivirus products are considered to embrace a business model that goes against the rules of Twitter advertising. Of course this decision raises questions from the Kaspersky. The founder of Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky through his Twitter account requested that this decision be reconsidered. He then made an open letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. In his letter, Eugene rate no business rules that have been violated Kaspersky Lab. He argued that Kaspersky used the same business rules as other companies. “We do not violate written or unwritten rules and our business model is the same as used across the cybersecurity industry.We provide users with products and services, and brands pay us for it,” Eugene said. When questioned about this ban, the Twitter in an e-mail said that this action was taken because Kaspersky business model is not according to the rules. However, there are indications that the ban on advertising is a response to US government warnings over national security threats. “This decision is based on the Kaspersky Lab business model that is inherently contrary to the advertising business practices on Twitter,” wrote the Twitter cited from Reuters on Monday (4/23/2018). Kaspersky Lab has repeatedly denied allegations of closeness with Russian intelligence. Even they have stated willing to be examined on this charge. They argue that the business is still running independently even if the company must be subject to government regulations. Kaspersky also actually become one of the companies with a large enough allocation of ads on Twitter. In 2017 the Moscow-based company reportedly spent 93,000 USD or about Rp 1.3 billion on advertising on Twitter. For Twitter, this is not the first time they include Russian companies in the advertiser blacklist. In October, Twitter blocked ads from Russian media Russia Today and Sputnik on allegations of interference in the 2016 US presidential election. not only Prohibits Kaspersky Advertise | forbids Kaspersky last month, Twitter also published a ban on advertising for cryptocurrency companies.


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