Recently this Twitter announced policy newest , namely to delete the accounts of non- active . The accounts were exposed is that does not do the login for six months last The announcement was made SHINee World (Shawol) – designation for fans of SHINee , alarming account Twitter late Jonghyun , @ realjonghyun90.   Because Jonghyun died , automatic account is not active anymore . That means the account Jonghyun including who will be erased with the policy of the . Because that’s the Shawol rollicking asking Twitter to save the account Jonghyun that become keepsakes for them . They make the hashtag # dontdeletepreciousmemories and ask Twitter does not delete the account of his idol .

” Please don’t delete the @ realjonghyun90 account . Only these memories are left and valuable to us. Please don’t delete this account ,” wrote @ Hyno31001377.

” I don’t want our memories to be erased ,” said the account @ Jjong948SHINee.

That’s two in between the many fans Jonghyun who asks Twitter does not delete the account idol. Apparently the demand that gets the attention of Twitter. Just a day after announcing a policy matter of the elimination of account is not active , Twitter states delaying its implementation .

” We heard ( input ) you about the impact of the policy that the accounts of people who had died . We skipped part of it , ” said the statement @ TwitterSupport on Wednesday (11/27/2019).

” We’re not going to remove the account are not active before can create a way new to commemorate the accounts of those ,” continued @ TwitterSupport . We’ve heard you on the impact that this would have on the accounts of the deceased. This was a miss on our part. We will not be removing any active accounts until we create a new way for people to memoryalize accounts. – Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport ) November 27, 2019

The announcement was greeted happily by Shawol. They thank you for the Twitter on delay that . ” Ahhh , I’m not crying . You hear our voice . Thank you very much . @ realjonghyun90 is very special for shawol . We are very grateful love , ” wrote the account mjorana . He included the late GIF Jonghyun who gave a sign of love with his finger . Previously , something similar was experienced by One Direction fans . They trooped ask personnel One Direction sign into account official them that the account One Direction are not removed .    If you ‘ve made an account on Twitter but do not use it , now is the time that the right to start . Because if not , the username you created will be deleted .

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According a report from The Verge Twitter is actively send an email to the user with the account is not active . Twitter will take action start date of 11 December and plans to liberate an account that has not logged in for more than six months . An interpreter spoke Twitter has confirmed to The Verge. ” As part of the commitment we were to serve the conversation public , we seek to clean up an account that is not active to present information that is more accurate and credible who can be trusted person on Twitter. Part of the effort of this is to encourage people to be active entry and use Twitter when they register an account , as stated in the policy account is not active us. “We have started proactive outreach to many accounts that have not logged into Twitter in more than six months to let them know that their account might be permanently deleted due to prolonged inactivity . – Interpreters talk Twitter

Deleting an account is said to last for several months and not all at once , according to the report .If you are waiting for the name of the user becomes free, maybe you should frequently check back start now .As for bot accounts , Twitter says they stay safe while active . This is the email that was sent to an account that is not active .


To continue using Twitter, you have to agree to provisions , Policies Privacy and Use of cookies when these . This not only allows you to make the best decisions about the information you share with us, but also allows you to keep using your Twitter account . But first , you must sign in and follow the instructions on the screen before 11 December 2019 if it does not , the account you will be removed from Twitter.

Twitter will start to run a platform ‘ clean-up ‘ program . Media enterprise social with the symbol of the Bird Blue it was sending an email to the owner of the account Twitter, which contains a notice that an account Twitter which is not active will be removed as of 11 December 2019.

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As reported by The Verge , Wednesday (11/27/2019), accounts that are not logged in for more than six months will receive email notifications .  Email sent with the subject ” Do not lose access to @ (username).” Following is the contents of the email from Twitter:

” To continue to use Twitter, you must agree to the terms , the policy of privacy and the use of cookies when these . It is allows you not only make you can share information to us, but also to still be able to use the account Twitter you. But first , you need to sign in and follow the instructions on the screen before 11 December 2019 if it does not , the account you will be removed from Twitter. “

In addition to deleting , Twitter possibility of large will give an account that is not active to the other .

” As part of the commitment we were to publish the conversation public , we will clean up the account are not active to present information that is more accurate and credible who can be trusted person in the whole Twitter,” call the interpreter to talk Twitter. Twitter encourages users to be consistent and active . Regarding the deletion of an account that is not active , Twitter had time to write it in the terms and ketentusaan when users sign up for an account new .

” Part of the effort of this is to encourage people to actively log in and use Twitter when they sign up for an account, such as that stated in the policy account is not active us. We inform you that their account can be permanently deleted because it has been inactive for a long time, ” he added .

But the process of deletion of the account is not active it will be done for some time . So , do not imagine Twitter will instantly delete the entire account which is not active in one day .

Twitter divulge , penghpausan accounts are not active will do it quickly . The account deletion process will take place in one day .

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Twitter decided to postpone the planned deletion of accounts are not active . The decision is taken a day after Twitter send you an email containing a warning to the users who are already not active for more than six months .

Through a tweet from the account ‘s official Twitter, media social are identical logo bird blue is delivered clarification and demand apology for the plan to remove the account user .

In booms are described , planned deletion of the account is devoted to users who are in the countries of the Union European . It is associated with regulation GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) are set on the right to privacy .

” It only affects the Union of Europe only , for the time is . We always had a policy of accounts that are not active , but we have not enforce it consistently . We started with the EU partly because of regulatory privacy of local (GDPR),” wrote Twitter .

Twitter Support

✔ @ TwitterSupport

 · Nov 28, 2019

We’ve heard your feedback about our efforts to delete active accounts and want to respond and clarify. Here’s what’s happening:

Twitter Support

✔ @ TwitterSupport

This impacts accounts in the EU only, for now. We’ve always had an active account policy but we haven’t enforced it consistently. We’re starting with the EU in part due to local privacy regulations ( eg , GDPR).


2:49 AM – Nov 28, 2019

Twitter Ads info and privacy

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Furthermore , Twitter halt while the plan to delete the account are not active to be able to deliver the features recalled accounts of users who have died world, and makes his account so it is not active .

Until the time of this , Twitter does not have a feature that is similar to that owned by Facebook it . Facebook has made a special feature to pay homage to accounts whose owners have passed away , so that the profile and account pages can still be accessed .

Twitter has not offered functions such , but the interpreter spoke the change said told The Verge that they ‘re thinking about how to do things the same . Now , Twitter promises that it will not start deleting accounts until the feature is present .

Despite experiencing delays and just devoted to users in the United Europe , Twitter does not close the possibility of the plan was also going to be applied in other countries.

Earlier , Twitter is becoming the talk related to plans that want to remove the account is not active . Elimination of stray into account that are not active for over six months . Elimination permanent scheduled to be conducted on 11th December .

Plan is getting criticism , particularly about the account that is owned by the user who had died the world. The reason is that other users will not be able to remember their tweets if their account is permanently deleted .

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