Your Tweet in twitter can be save by Someone Else – bug in twitter or innovation


Twitter officially launched the feature mark (Bookmarks), after being tested last November 2017. This feature gives users the convenience to save tweet on Twitter, without any other users know, including a twitter uploader. Previously, the only way to save the chirp you want to read later is to provide a “like” heart bearing logo, or to post a post. However, tweets of other people who are given “like” or retweeted posts will appear in user profiles, and sometimes appear in follower followers. The person whose Twitter is given “like” or retweet will also receive a notification of it. Posts that will be stored in Bookmarks is a tweet that contains articles you want to read later, or favorite articles you want to read repeatedly. Users can also save video content or images with bookmarks when the network connection is not enough to load the image or video. Bookmarks can also be used to save “replies” to answer posts later. So, no need to worry if forgot to reply important tweet.

twitter bug

Trying bookmarks feature

Currently, the bookmark feature is not yet available on Twitter for web, new in Android app, iOS, Twitter Lite, and Twitter mobile site, which can be accessed by clicking the following link.

When you find a post you want to save with a bookmark, just tap or click Share logo (share) just below the post and be on the right side of the heart logo. The logo is similar to the uploaded logo, with up and down arrows. Then, select the option “Add tweets to bookmark” (add tweets to the mark), then it will be archived to the bookmark menu.

In addition to save posts to bookmarks, with the logo, users can also share posts via Direct Message (DM) or share posts to applications other than Twitter. To review the chirp that has been stored in bookmarks, click on the profile menu, then select the bookmarks menu. All tweets added in the bookmarks will be stored in the menu. Reporting from The Verge, this feature was developed due to the large number of user requests. Bookmarks officially launched globally and can be updated for Andorid users, iOS or access via Twitter Lite.

so this is innovation or bug in twitter?

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