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The development of technology that we cannot deny has changed many things in the ease of our lives. But gradually humans began to be introduced to advanced technologies, especially in Robot Technology. Speaking of robots, scientists now make intelligent robots that are very similar to humans.
Here are some smart robots that are very similar to humans:

Aiko Cihira Robot
Aiko Cihira Robot is a robot made by TOSHIBA which is placed as a receptionist in the MITSUKOSHI NIHOMBASHI shopping center. Aiko Cihira’s robot can work as a guide to customers and with hopes that it can improve the marketing of characters.

Erica Robot
Erica Robot is a robot from Japan which was released in 2016, reportedly the most realistic robot ever made. The robot made by HIROSHI ISHIGURO who mentions himself as the father of the erica robot said that Erica is the most beautiful robot that resembles humans in the world. Erica is very vocal in interacting, joking, and even giving aspirations like humans.

Robot Jia-Jia
The Jia-Jia robot is a robot created by Chinese intelligence experts that is useful for serving people in public places and also helping and accompanying elderly people. But this robot still needs development because when undergoing an interview with Kevin Kelly the founder of Wired Magazine uses English, the robot requires a long pause in responding to conversations from the Kevin Kelly.

Robot Sophia
Sophia Robot is a robot originating from Saudi Arabia made by David Hanson that was developed at Hanson Robotic. Sophia is equipped with artificial intelligence that is able to help her be able to see and remember faces, process conversation data, emotional data and use all of that data to establish interactions with humans.

Now that’s a few smart robots that resemble humans. Hopefully this article can add to our insight in the Development of Robot Technology in Today’s Age.
Do you know what a robot is, it will replace half the human work in 2025.
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Predictions about the functioning of robots are increasingly sophisticated in the future, indeed it has been widely discussed. The latest, there is a report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) which mentions robots can actually replace almost half the work. Quoted from The Guardian, Thursday (09/20/2018), according to WEF, there are 133 million jobs created due to technological development. However, 75 million of these jobs will not be done by humans. This WEF report shows that new technology, such as robots, has the possibility of disrupting and creating new jobs. This phase is the same as when the industrial revolution began with a steam engine and electricity. The study was conducted in the form of a survey of a number of company executives representing 15 million workers from 20 different countries. However, WEF Chair Klaus Schwab said the report was not the final conclusion. Therefore, this report reveals that there are pressing challenges for workers to retrain, including making protection for workers who are likely to be threatened. closed to creating a better future for all jobs, “Schawab wrote in the study.

The report is also in line with a number of statements from high-ranking company officials who claim that more than half of the jobs within the company can replaced by robots in 2025.Some of the jobs in question are accountants and staffing data services. Previously, WEF also briefly released a report with similar results last year. At that time, the report highlighted the automation that occurred in a number of industries that would threaten workers in the mining sector to information technology companies. But the robot guys will not threaten the employees to become unemployed, the following is evidence that the robot does not threaten employees to become unemployed

Nevertheless, not all agree with the view that robots will replace humans. The consulting firm PwC, has just released its latest report stating that new job opportunities will actually emerge with the progress of robot development. They cited the application of robots and artificial intelligence in the UK instead would replace some jobs, such as transportation or manufacturing. There, artificial intelligence will create at least 38 percent of transportation jobs and 30 percent of manufacturing. However, in other sectors, artificial intelligence creates jobs. For example in the health sector, artificial intelligence will create 34 percent of jobs in the employment sector. He only took over 12 percent of human work in this sector. “In absolute terms, around seven million jobs will be projected to move to artificial intelligence. But, artificial intelligence will create 7.2 million new jobs. So, there are 200 thousand new jobs that will be created by AI, “the report said. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) said there were 14 percent of jobs in OECD member countries replaced by robots this year.

PwC and OECD say the sectors that will benefit from artificial intelligence are education, work related to science and technology, accommodation and food services, as well as information and communication. The reason is that the work is more complex and the task is more specialized. Meanwhile, the sectors that are adversely affected by artificial intelligence are finance and insurance, retail, construction, public administration, transportation, and manufacturing.

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