Windows 10 when it is a system of operating the latest of Microsoft and one of the most much used in the whole world. Although Windows 10 fairly far more quickly than its predecessor , not mean the laptop you are immune to the performance of that slow . But you don’t need to worry , because there are several  ways that can be done to improve the performance of Windows 10 on laptops and PCs. Here are the ways to speed up Windows 10 . 

1. Restart the Laptop / PC

If you are the type of person who keeps turning on a laptop or PC to days , try to do the way of this. Windows 10 is going to make a laptop display to sleep, but all the processes that previously initiated will continue to continue . This can accumulate and slow down the computer . You can fix this issue by turning off your laptop or PC every day after you finish using it . Do not forget to make sure all the programs running has been closed and store data were you doing .

2. Windows 10 Update

Microsoft continues to release updates for Windows 10 aimed at fixing bugs that slow down system performance . Some of these updates are considered minor but some have brought significant changes to system performance and efficiency .

3. Note Applications When Booting

Windows 10 can be slow because of the many programs that directly runs automatically when a laptop or PC is turned on . To speed up the boot in Windos 10 you can limit the application of any course that can run when booting. The trick is to open the Task Manager and click the Startup tab. In here you can see the application of what course the running time of startup and how their impact on the performance of the laptop.

4. Run the Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a utility that can help you delete files that are not desirable as files temporarily , pages offline web, and file installer. How to access it simply open the Start menu and click Disk Cleanup.

5. Remove Applications are Not Used

Applications that do not use takes place on the hard drive you and can degrade the performance of Windows 10 . To see the application of what just are installed on the device you go to Control Panel> Programs> Programs and Features> Uninstall a Program.

6. Turn off Special Effects

Windows 10 has lots of animations and effects specifically are displayed . But animation and effects graphic is actually making the laptop you become slow . Fortunately , there is an easy way to set or disable it . Simply go to Control Panel> System and Security> System> Advanced system settings. After that go to the Performance tab and you can choose which option you want to deactivate

7. Upgrade RAM

Performance of devices and Windows 10 will be enhanced by significantly to augment the capacity of the RAM. If you find a laptop you already slow severe, try to replace the RAM size is large which is tailored to the needs of you everyday 

8. Use SSD

Hard disk drive (HDD) ordinary may indeed be cheap , but solid-state drive (SSD) can make the startup process for laptops and processes running applications become more rapid . Because SSD uses memory Flash which has the ability to write and access much faster than HDD which uses disk magnetized.

9. Check Virus and Spyware

Viruses, spyware and malware are not only dangerous for the security but also can make the performance of the laptop you become slow . Install a trusted antivirus application or use Windows Defender that is already installed to check if your laptop has a virus and protect it at all times .

10. Change Power Settings

How to overcome the slow Windows 10 is to change the battery power settings . How to go to Control Panel> System and Security> Power Options. After that, click the arrow on the right to display the “additional plans” and select the High Performance option .

11. Run System Maintenance

Windows 10 has a built-in service that can run routine system maintenance such as defragmenting the hard disk , scanning for new updates and checking for malware. Tasks like this usually run in the background, but if you feel there is a change in system performance you can run it manually. How to open the Control Panel menu then select the System and Security menu. After that select Security and Maintenance, click the arrow that shows the maintenance options . After that, click Start Maintenance.

You can delete unneeded applications as a way to save hard disk space or turn off service (which consumes resources) on the application. Especially if you use a PC / Laptop OEM which usually has a lot of factory default software.

Install Resource-Saving Applications Indeed, a lot of software that is scattered on the internet with the same function. Therefore try to choose applications that save RAM resource, for example applications that have simpler interfaces compared to applications that have animations and a more eye candy interface.

Save Size on the System Partition ,Saving space / space on the hard drive is quite important to keep your Windows 10 in top shape, especially the system partition (usually C: ). In Windows 10, you can outsmart a number of things such as moving applications to another storage, deleting temporary files, and a few other things.

Enabling Disk Write Caching, This method utilizes RAM as a temporary data storage / cache before it is finally sent to disk, so RAM management is more efficient. Read more, how to enable Disk Write Caching in Windows 10.

Start Menu, On the start menu itself, there are several things you can do to optimize Windows performance 10. For example, you can turn off visual animation when opening the Start Menu, or turn off the live tile in applications that support these features, because it will take time for the system to load real-time internet information. (Also Read: Guide: Let’s Beautify Display Windows 10 Start Menu!) In addition if you experience problems with the Start Menu, you can try to fix it with the Start Menu Troubleshooter tool or through the Power Shell.

Do not use Theme / Skin, Of course you know that by overhauling the look of the system using 3rd party applications, the use of RAM resources will swell, especially not a few that cause errors. For those of you who use Theme \ Skin pack, consider uninstalling it if you want to prioritize performance.

Periodic Defragment, Make sure you defragment your hard disk regularly, because by doing defragment you can speed up the performance of the Windows arena system more easily in accessing data and file systems needed. More, How to Defrag in Windows 10.

Install 3rd Party Utility, You can install the 3rd party tool utility to do several things to optimize the system such as deleting junk files, system caches, etc. This is optional, if you don’t want it then you can skip this option. But it’s easy if you install it then you can do several tasks using only one software. There are several tools that you can use such as Glary Utilities, or CCleaner.


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