Tips for Caring for Smartphones

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              A durable smartphone is very dependent on the use of its owner. If you ared used to changing smartphones because they are often damaged, it could be the problem not with the smartphone.Who knows all this time you are not good at using and caring for smartphones. Then, what are the things you can do to make the smartphone last? Check out these simple tips, guys! How often do you change smartphones? The more new smartphones are appearing, usually the greater the people’s purchasing power. No exception for you who always feel you have to update about the gadget.

              However, there are also people who are fond of changing smartphones because they are often damaged. It’s only been a year or two, eh how come I have to replace the smartphone again. Is it true that having a durable smartphone is impossible today? We feel we need to see from many factors, not limited to the brand or price of a smartphone. You must use a smartphone to communicate, work, surf to access information, to social media. With the use of quite a lot, of course you feel upset when your smartphone starts to decline in performance. Here are some simple tips so that the smartphone lasts. You should pay attention and do these things yes.

Tip 1: The smartphone lasts when you always use the original charger

              D ith the convenience of charging a smartphone, sometimes unconsciously you will often charge a smartphone with the power bank. If you’re trapped, you might also use a friend’s charger to charge your smartphone. Did you know that this habit just does not make the smartphone durable? When you don’t use an original charger, this can damage your smartphone battery. The charger cable is universal, but the charger head does not necessarily match the cable carelessly. So, this can slowly trigger damage to your smartphone.

              Power banks also cannot make a smartphone last because the heat from a bank has the potential to cause damage. Not that you absolutely cannot use a power bank. You just set the usage so that it’s not too often and make sure you use it when it’s really urgent.

Tip 2: Clean the Dust Sticking to the Smartphone

              As the smartphone lasts, make sure you are diligent in cleaning dust or other small particles that are very easy to stick to the smartphone. It’s not just what sticks to the smartphone screen. Also check every part of the smartphone that has the potential for dust. The dust that clings to the smartphone can cause the smartphone to heat more easily. Therefore, it is very important to regularly clean the smartphone so that its performance does not slow down. If you already care about the cleanliness of your smartphone, then you can use a durable smartphone for a longer time.

              Use eyeglasses or microfiber cloths to get the most out of your smartphone. As much as possible do not use tissue because the fibers contained in the tissue can actually be left on your smartphone.

Tip 3: Choose the appropriate Smartphone Case

Smartphone accessories are indeed found in the market, one of which is a smartphone case. The designs and colors of smartphone cases offered are also varied so that it might make you confused choosing it. Although it seems trivial, it turns out that a durable smartphone also depends on the case used. The original smartphone case, aka the original accessory of a brand, is the safest case to choose from. The problem that most often arises when a smartphone is given a case is that the smartphone gets hotter faster. For this reason, you must be more careful and clever to choose a case that can release heat.

Even if it turns out that the smartphone case you choose tends to be difficult to release heat, you should remove the case when it is charging the battery. This can make the smartphone durable because it is not easy to overheat. Note to always keep the temperature of the smartphone is not too hot just because of using the case yes.

Tip 4: To Keep the Smartphone Durable, Avoid Using the Smartphone in Hot Places

              For those of you who like to move outside, make sure your smartphone isn’t used too often in very hot, open spaces. Under normal conditions, you can use a smartphone at a temperature of 16 to 30 degrees Celsius. Long-lasting smartphones usually occur because the temperature of use is always awake and not too hot. Therefore, it is important for you to keep your smartphone in a safe place. Temperature in a closed room is much better for maintaining smartphone performance and performance than too often exposed outside. Remember, a durable smartphone needs good treatment too.

Tip 5: Choosing Applications According to Smartphone Capabilities

              Smartphone will not be interesting if it is not installed in various applications. The application also helps make your activities easier. Before starting to fill a smartphone with a variety of applications, you must know the specifics of your smartphone first. Know the smartphone’s storage and RAM capacity. If you feel the storage capacity and RAM of a smartphone is large, then you can be more flexible in using the application. However, you need to be more selective if the con shows the opposite. More and more applications installed will make the smartphone performance slower.

Tip 6: Guard against Virus and Malware

              Smartphones cannot avoid viruses and malware. Viruses and malware can damage applications and reduce smartphone performance. The worst possibility is that the device can be damaged due to virus and malware attacks that are not addressed. The following tips on caring for smartphones to avoid viruses and malware. To anticipate the attack, you can install an antivirus so that a virus on the smartphone can be detected and removed. You can get an antivirus application on the Google Play Store. Another way of prevention is not to install applications sourced other than the Google Play Store.   

Tip 7: Use the Button Carefully

              Buttons owned by smartphones are not as much as the old HP models. Generally there are 4 buttons on a smartphone, namely power, home, volume up, and volume down. When pressing the button make sure you don’t press too hard. As a result of a strong emphasis will make the smartphone button deeper so that you will be more difficult to use it later. Do not forget to clean the dust that might be on the sidelines of the smartphone button

Tip 8 Backing Up Data

              The data backup feature is very important for you. Routinely choose files such as images, audio, or video on your smartphone. Move the file to another device such as a laptop or stored in the cloud. Data backups are performed to keep the smartphone’s storage and RAM capacity at a safe level. In addition, data backups are taken as a precautionary step if the smartphone has a problem that results in all files being lost or damaged.

Those were tips for caring for smartphones

Hope it’s useful … see you later

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