Mozilla Thunderbird is a communication application program that is useful for reading emails (email clients) and RSS feeds (Feed Reader). The latest version of this program is Mozilla Thunderbird 13, which was released on June 15, 2012. The Mozilla Thunderbird software was created and developed by the Mozilla Foundation. The Mozilla Foundation believes that the Internet is a global public resource that must remain open and accessible to all. It focuses on the issue of advocating and keeping the Internet healthy, but is also the sole shareholder in the maker of Firefox, Mozilla Corporation. Mozilla tried not to involve the government in the project, which instead fell into the Thunderbird Council, which was chosen by the Thunderbird project community. The Mozilla Foundation becomes the Thunderbird home after exploration of a law house in 20 This computer software has the advantage of completeness of local email management features on the computer. Setting up an email account list, searching for messages, reading several emails simultaneously can be done easily and quickly. The filter or sorting feature of e-mail messages makes it easy for you to group or trace the message chronology. Likewise, the security features are ready to minimize the risk of threats from incoming emails.

Mozilla Thunderbird program is widely applied and used by various groups of internet users. Mozilla Thunderbird is free software that is open source. Mozilla Thunderbird can be run on Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems. To install the latest version of this program, your Windows computer must have minimum specifications using an Intel Pentium 4 processor or equivalent, 1 GB of memory (RAM), and a hard disk with a free capacity of at least 200 MB.17.

The Function Of Thunderbird

Talk about spam the first thing that comes to mind is the “fate” of our inbox. Spam messages sent via email always make us have to work extra hard to watch. This is because often times not just one spam email is sent, but (in some cases) can be dozens or even hundreds of emails received in a day in the inbox. That way for email users who have limited inbox capacity this might be a “disaster”. Managing spam will be easier if we make the most of the features in our email manager (whether web-based or POP). The easiest solution for email users who have POP facilities is to use email manager software that can be accessed easily through the operating system used.

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most popular email managers in use today. The concept of open-source in the development of this program, makes it so powerful and very trusted by most users of the email manager. Besides this program can also be run both on Windows and Linux (different installers). Problems in resolving spam issues, Thunderbird has a Junk Mail Control feature (using Bayesian spam filtering technology) integrated in the Tools menu on the menu that can be easily configured first. The first step is to make sure that this feature has been activated by Thunderbird on the Tools> Options menu … which is usually active by default. Please also check the Tools> Account Settings … to check whether your email account protection is active.

Later the incoming email will be filtered first by Thunderbird and if the email header contains an entry that is classified as spam will be immediately marked and moved from the Inbox folder into the Junk folder. No need to be afraid if there is our personal email that is not a spam but marked otherwise by Thunderbird which is then moved into the Junk folder. Now, from that folder we just need to remove the Junk mark / icon given by Thunderbird and will automatically move it back into the Inbox. Later the email headers will also continue to be remembered by Thunderbird as not spam.

Furthermore, to run this feature, simply access via the Tools> Run Junk Mail Controls on Folder option.

In addition to using the Junk Mail Control feature, there are other features that can also be used to minimize spam “infection” by utilizing the Message Filter function. This function allows you to choose which emails you want to get into your Inbox and which ones you don’t. We just need to enter any email address that Thunderbird wants to filter. This function can also be applied by web-based email users.

This is step by step to use Mozilla thunderbird :

1. Download and install the Software to get the new version of Mozilla Thundebird

2. After Mozilla Thundebird has been installed on your computer, look for a shortcut or select the start menu. On your computer the Mozilla Thundebird (Account Wizard) window appears.

3. To add the name of your e-mail client you can select the Tool menu then select Account Settings.

4. After that the Account Settings window will appear, this is where you set your email

5. In the Account Settings window, select Account Actions then select Add Mail Account. Add Mail Account This is where you can enter your e-mail account into Mozilla Thundebird. In the Account Settings window, you will also see the Add Other Account menu, which you can use to add accounts other than e-mail accounts.

6. After that the Mail Account Setup window will appear, here you can enter your name, e-mail, and e-mail password. After you have finished inputting the data, you can check Remember Password, which is used so that your e-mail password can be saved to Mozilla Thundebird, and continue by pressing the Continue button.

7. Next, please choose between two options, IMAP or POP3. This depends on your email settings. For now you can choose the POP3 option so that your e-mail will also be stored on your computer. Then press the Create Account button to proceed to the next step.

8. After that you can configure it manually by pressing the Manual Config button. Then you can choose POP3 or IMAP in the Incoming selection column, then input the hostname server, port and after that you can set another configuration manually, after inputting the data you can press the Create Account button.

9. After pressing the Create Account button, then your e-mail account is already in Mozilla Thunderbird.

10. If you want to delete your email you can open the Account Settings window then select the e-mail you want to delete, click Accoun Action and please select Remove Account.

11. Click the OK button if you want to delete the email account, then the email account that you selected will be deleted from Mozilla Thunderbird.

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