Recently, a cyber security company, Sophos, discovered at least 21 dangerous Android applications that can drain a user’s wallet. All applications found are included in the “fleeceware” category. Fleeceware is not actually a type of malware or virus, but a nickname for an application that fools users with the lure of a short free trial period. After the free trial period ends, users will be charged a subscription fee. Users usually uninstall the application (uninstall) when they find out that the free trial period will end with the assumption that there will be no subscription fees. Also read: Be careful, there is Malware Sakti that is not factory reset. However, different from ordinary applications, applications included in this fleeceware still charge a subscription fee even though the application has been removed from the device. Because the fleeceware application assumes that those who do not stop free trials manually, are still classified as users who subscribe to the application. As a result, users who do not stop the subscription service in the fleeceware application may be surprised when there are regular subscription fees charged. Rows of fleeceware applications found by Sophos are quite popular. In fact, all applications have been downloaded 600 million times. Also read: Beware of the Joker Virus, Immediately Remove These 24 Applications from Your Android Phone According to Sophos, fleeceware players usually use third-party services to increase the number of “install” applications, even they even shower the review column positively. review to convince the victims. Here are 21 Android fleeceware applications found by Sophos, as summarized by KompasTekno from BGR, Friday (1/17/2020). It should be noted, until this news was written, most applications, such as Go Keyboard and Fortunemirror, are still listed on the Google Play Store.

you have to be aware to this apps 1. Astrofun 2. Easysnap 3. VCUT 4. Face X Play 5. Filmigo 6. Go Keyboard 7. Go Keyboard Lote 8. Go SMS Pro 9. Go Recorder 10. Go Security 11. Fortunemirror 12. Z Camera 13. Master Recorder 14. S Photo Editor 15. Wonder Video 16. Clipvue 17. Filmix 18. Photo Recovery & Video Recovery 19. ScreenRecorder 20. V Recorder 21. V Recorder Lite


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