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The Spectre and Meltdown

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Do you know what Specter is? Certainly the first thing that comes to mind is the purple-colored and bell-shaped hero in the Dota2 game. That is indeed true. But here I will discuss the other specters and meltdowns and they have nothing to do with Dota2. Beginning in 2017 to 2018, users and computer users were horrified by the presence of a bug that was quite dangerous for personal computer or PC users, both residents using laptops and desktop computers that are busy to use.

The bug attacks directly on processors starting from the most famous processors in the universe of computers, namely Intel, AMD, to the ARM processor. The bug attacks directly to the processor so that a hacker can abuse by stealing and exploiting any devices and anything stored in memory such as passwords from web browsers, computer passwords, photos, emails, videos, documents, and even chat in an application on a computer hit by the Specter and the meltdown.

But before that I will tell you about the specter and meltdown. Meltdown is the designation of a security hole in the processor that allows hackers to enter the gap between the operating system and applications so that attackers can access and retrieve storage memory and all data or documents that are on the hard disk.

As for the specter, it is a term for security holes or holes in the processor that can make hackers enter and break into one application with another, making the victims fooled by applications that are actually safe and there are no errors to leak various important data in it. So the difference between meltdown and specter lies in how and where loopholes are commonly used for hackers to retrieve victims’ data.

Specter is more difficult to exploit than meltdown, but both are difficult to overcome. Almost all devices from various platforms including well-known platforms namely AMD, ARM and Intel processors both on laptops, desktop devices, tablets, and even smartphones can be affected by two of these disorders. Along with a variety of very well-known operating systems including Linux, Windows, MacOs and Android also could not avoid the bug attack.

So it would be better for users to always update the existing system by downloading the latest patch from the operating system used. for example Windows has just recently launched its latest patch so it is recommended to download it immediately. Similarly, users who use the Linux operating system, patches that can build a kernel isolation page to relocate a different kernel and address space.

This bug also does not leave any trace at all in the log file in the task manager. So it is difficult even cannot be detected when a hacker has entered the security hole of the victim’s computer.

Many have been attacked by this bug. So that this bug often unsettles its users especially PC and smartphone users. So I will include how to eliminate or minimize this dangerous bug based on the site that I took, https://blog.rumahweb.com/penanganan-bug-spectre-dan-meltdown/. This is how to minimize the bug :

For Windows users by this way

Right-click on the Windows icon. Then click Settings.

1. Click “Update and Security”. Click check “Update Status” if there is still a pending security update available.

2. If not found, click the ‘View installed update history’ link to check if it is already installed.

3. Windows 10 updates may have different names, depending on when you last updated. You should see Security Update for Windows (KB4056892).

Then for Mac users by:

1. In the upper left corner of the screen, click the Apple menu button.

2. Select “About this Mac”. Then please check whether you have the latest updates.

3. If the latest update is not found, click the ‘App Store’ menu of the mobile app.

4. Finally, click the Update button to run the security update.

iPhone and iPad

1. Look for the ‘Settings’ menu.

2. Click on ‘General’, then ‘About’.

3. You will find ‘Version’. See if you are using version 11.2 or greater.

4. If not, return to the ‘Settings’ menu, then ‘General’.

5. Finally, click on ‘Software Update’ to download and install the latest version.

For Android Users

Users of Nexus and Pixel brand Google phones will automatically download security patch updates. All you have to do is install it. However, Android phones with other manufacturers or providers may still need to wait for patch updates from the manufacturer. You can just send an email or notification so that the manufacturer immediately publishes the latest patch update.

For Google Chrome Users

Following are the steps to run the Chrome browser isolation site on Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, and Android OS:

1. Copy and paste the following link in the Chrome browser address bar

chrome: // flags / # enable-site-per-process

2. You will find ‘Strict Site Isolation’ and click on the ‘Enable’ button.

3. Then click ‘Relaunch Now’.

For Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer Users

Mozilla announced on its blog that they have released Firefox 57.0.4 to deal with this security problem. Meanwhile, from Microsoft took the policy to make changes to Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 to follow up on this security issue.

This bug is also still further investigated by IT Speciaist so that there is no longer such a disturbing disturbance for users. Because this bug is quite serious and dangerous enough if abused by hackers. They can take advantage of the gap in the processor to retrieve important data and can be sold for their interests.

Patching updates is a temporary solution. To patch up the deficiencies that exist in the processor from various vendors teranama. The vendor is also still looking for ways to permanently close the gap, including testing on their latest processor. Although it is quite expensive, it is comparable with the security and comfort provided. Both from Intel, AMD, and ARM. Both from the personal computer and smartphone

I’m here to invite fellow readers to always be aware of the use of devices and always pay attention to security in use. Because we ourselves do not know who is targeting us to be stolen. Stay alert and always maintain security.

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