TOR (The Onion Router) or also called The TOR Project is a non-profit organization that is specialized to research and develop a network that we can use to protect our privacy when online Internet. With TOr we will use the Internet network by creating a sort of virtual tunnel and will be passed to the “relay-relay” run by thousands of volunteers around the world, and masking against our IP-addres, so that we can browse anonymous.

Through the TOR network, we can access hidden sites on deep web/Dark Web, Deepnet, Invisible Web or Hidden Web. Because believe or not a website that we commonly access from Google it only that is on the surface only, it does not include hidden sites that are not indexed by ordinary search sites..

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How TOR 1, img: torproject. org works
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How TOR 2, img: torproject. org works
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How TOR 3, img: torproject. org works

The TOR project was developed by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, DARPA and funding sponsor of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. In its initial purpose the use of the TOR project is specifically to protect data and privacy in the US military and government networks. But since its launch in 2002, the use of the US government alone tends to be a bit.

In fact most TOR users of this project are corporate-corporate, professional IT circles, police and so on who want to protect their privacy while visiting a website. We can also use the TOR network to browse in an anonymous way, please see here.

So with the TOR project Insyaallah our privacy will be protected because our IP-address and proxy will be like in “masking ” So it will be detected as anonymous and no one can find the location of our real IP address. Well, that’s a glimpse of TOR, it doesn’t complete it if it doesn’t talk about the onion domain (. onion).

The onion domain is a pseudo-top-level domain that can only be accessed through the TOR network. Usually sites with the onion domain have a unique name combination and random letters that are not readable. For example this site: http://duskgytldkxiuqc6.onion/. You will certainly not be able to open the site on a standard browser like Firefox. Must first log in to the TOR network on your computer.

The TOR project and the onion domain are as a knife. Knives are especially useful if used for cutting and being dangerous if used to kill or be held by children. TOR is also so, on the plus side it can be used to protect our privacy while surfing. The downside, due to the safe I was so of the TOR network is used by certain syndicate to spread child pornography, even weapons nakoba.

As we know, the Onion domain is an anonymous domain that can only be accessed through the TOR network. So much misuse of this domain, for example, there are many pornographic sites, drug-trading sites, and the sale of many firearms circulating through the onion domain. It would be difficult for the police to find illegal transactions on onion sites because both the creators and visitors of the site were detected as anonymous. But there was good news some time ago that the FBI managed to paralyze a lot of onion sites that proved to be involved crime cases as I mentioned earlier.

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