If football had a World Cup, or the All England badminton with her, Dota 2 also has his world championship called The International. The International (TI) is an annual tournament held dota 2 by Valve that has always been the biggest magnet for enthusiasts Dota 2 worldwide. The tournament that began in 2011 has never failed to be the center of attention due to the large reward offered, also always managed to break the world record as the tournament  Esports with the biggest prize in the world every year (USD 25 million in 2017). It is hardly surprising if this is an event highly anticipated by fans and pro players from around the world.

As many as 7 times The International has been successfully held with no team has successfully defended his champion title. In this paper, the Team Venture will describe anybody who won the IT each year as well as a best moment of birth in the event.

TI 1

The International 2011, Is a milestone which time the Dota 2 began to steal the attention of the players Esports in the whole universe. Held in Cologne, Germany, nearly all the legendary players of Dota 1 moved to Dota 2 to try his luck in the event with prizes of USD 1.6 million (the biggest prize for the tournament Esports in those days). This event also broke the world record with the largest audience (1.6 million viewers) dominated viewer from China. There are 16 teams that participated in the main event TI1. All 16 teams are: Natus Vincere, EHOME, Scythe Gaming, MeetYourMakers, invictus Gaming, Moscow Five, MiTH.Trust, Online Kingdom.Nirvana int.

Like any other championship, in each competition will always produce a winner. Champion of The International 2011 is Natus Vincere (Na’vi), with a roster of players: ArtStyle, Dendi, XBOCT, LighTofHeaveN, and Puppey.

Na’vi team of Ukraine won the TI1 after beating the favorites to win, EHOME 3-1. Na’vi managed to win and take home the prize of 1 million dollars, which makes the Na’vi as the first team to win The International. Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin also in the world spotlight with apiknya game throughout the tournament coupled with the puck in the final game. Dendi managed to put his Dream Coil at 5, hereinafter known as 1 Million Dollar Coil.

TI 2

The International 2012 held at Benaroya Hall, Seattle with 14 teams invited directly (direct invite) and two teams that had to struggle got his slot through stage qualifier (West Qualifiers and East Qualifiers). With prize prizepool higher than TI1, TI2 provide a total prize of USD 1,600,000. The team that managed to get a direct invitation: Natus Vincere, Team DK, Orange Esports, Absolute Legends, EHOME, Invictus Gaming, LGD Gaming, Counter Logic Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Team Zenith, Darer, Complexity Gaming, mousesports, and Moscow Five. Teams that earn their position through the West Qualifiers are MTW, and from East Qualifiers are Tongfu.

TI2 won by a team from China, Invictus Gaming (IG), which gives a very spectacular performance. With almost unbeatable performance in the preliminaries stage, IG finally emerged as champion although it should be was thrown on the lower bracket after Na’vi defeated by a score of 1-2. IG managed to grind all teams in the lower bracket to then be in the Final to be reunited with the Na’vi. IG managed to avenge the previous defeat with a 3-1 defeat at the same Na’vi bury ambition Na’vi defend champion title. IG prize of 1 million dollars while the Na’vi as the runner-up gets $ 250,000. Roster IG team player: Chuan, Ferrari_430, Zhou, Faith, YYF.

TI2 also has its sole moment when the Na’vi, who despite losing in the final but still displays the skill and teamwork in the second game, which successfully counters the smoke gank IG, led by Zhou (for those who buy Compendium 2017 you must have heard chatwheel by Tobiwan “Patience From Zhou”) then the moment immortalized by the term ‘the Play’.

TI 3

At The International 2013, which was held at Benaroya Hall, Seattle, Valve began introducing a feature in the game, Compendium, which will directly add to the total prize at The International. As many as 25 percent of the total purchase Compendium will be added to the base prize of 1.6 million dollars provided Valve. As a result, the total prize increased to 2.8 million dollars. Again record the biggest prize in the history of the year. Teams that compete in TI3: Invictus Gaming, Tongfu, Team Liquid, Orange Esports, Alliance, Fnatic, Natus Vincere, Zenith Team, Team Dignitas, Virtus.pro, Team DK, LGD International, MUFC, mousesports, LGD Gaming, RattleSnake.

Alliance, A relatively new team, won the championship after the overthrow favorite Na’vi with the score 3-2 in the final match. It became the first time the Grand Final match IT reaches 5 games all. Slick game of s4 with Puck and AdmiralBulldog hero with Nature’s Prophet defeated in the final Na’vi so Alliance entitled to bring home a prize of 1.6 million dollars and a trophy Aegis the Immortal.

Roster Alliance team players: s4, Akke, EGM, Loda, AdmiralBulldog.

The International 2013 also had its sole moment in the match vs. Na’vi combo Tongfu with Pudge and Chen hereinafter known as Fountain Hook, where the Na’vi managed to reverse the situation with terrible combo that makes Valve for doing rework on the workings of Pudge hook.

TI 4

The International 2014 held at KeyArena, Seattle and there is a change in the slot allocation mechanism teams that competed. Of the 16 teams who will compete for the title of champion, a total of 11 teams will receive direct invitations and five other teams will be obtained through regional preliminary round and one wild-card slot. TI4 break the world record for the largest total prize Esports of 10.9 million US dollars. The amount of the gift is greatly influenced by the sale of pre-TI4 Compendium.

Teams that compete in TI4, among others: newbee, Vici Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Team DK, LGD Gaming, Cloud9, Invictus Gaming, Natus Vincere, Titan, Team Liquid, mousesports, Alliance, Team Empire, Fnatic, Na’vi North America , Arrow Gaming.

Newbee driven by xiao8 managed to become champion in a competition dominated by teams from China. There are three teams who finished fourth major tournament final standings, where newbee became champion after beating Vici Gaming 3-1, and took home a prize of $ 5 million and a trophy Aegis. This is the first game Grand Final The International comes from one same country.

Roster newbee team players: xiao8, Mu, Hao, Sansheng, Banana.

Besides the magnitude of the gift, TI4 the tournament is considered the most ‘boring’ by fans because of the lack of epic gameplay throughout the tournament, unlike the previous tournament.

TI 5

The International 2015were again held in Seattle by the number of 16 teams, consisting of 10 teams invited directly and 6 teams from the qualifier match. Different from the previous qualifier, TI5 this time open up opportunities for amateur teams to participate from the open qualifier. Teams that compete in TI5: Evil Geniuses, CDEC Gaming, Gaming LGD, Vici Gaming, EHOME, Virtus.pro, MVP Phoenix, Secret Team, Team Empire, Cloud9, Complexity Gaming, Invictus Gaming, newbee, Natus Vincere, Fnatic, MVP HOT6ix ,

The International 2015 is a proving ground for the home team, Evil Geniuses. Team EG was surprisingly the only champion later after EG SumaiL recruit young star. Although he had doubted the skill and mentality of SumaiL, a team led by ppd turns playing very convincingly throughout the tournament. With a total prize of 18 million dollars (the largest in that year) and coupled with the moral support of the audience, EG managed to win after defeating the team of CDEC Gaming wild card 3-1, and took home a prize of 6.6 million dollars and a trophy Aegis.

Roster Evil Geniuses team players: ppd, Fear, SumaiL, Aui_2000, Universe.

TI5 also had his best moments in the final round when the EG vs CDEC Gaming Universe successfully echo slam to all 5 enemies, which became known as the 6 Million Dollar Echo Slam.

TI 6

With a total prize of more than $ 20 million, The International 2016 was held in Seattle and this time have a system that is the most stringent, where Valve introduced regulations roster lock where the team must register a team at any given time without should make a substitution followed, which resulted in only 6 teams were invited. The rest must go through the Regional Qualifier. The defending champion TI5, Evil Geniuses also have to play in the Open Qualifier roster due to changes in the final seconds.

Teams that get direct invite, among others: OG, Team Liquid, newbee, LGD Gaming, MVP Phoenix, and Natus Vincere. While coming from the regional qualifier categories, among others: Evil Geniuses, Wings Gaming, Team Secret, TnC Gaming, Digital Chaos, Vici Gaming Reborn, Alliance, and Fnatic. In this TI6, there are four teams that followed the wild card qualifier: Execration, Escape Gaming, EHOME, Complexity Gaming, where the two last slot of TI6 won by EHOME and Escape Gaming.

Wings Gaming surprising many parties with TI6 winning success. The new team is formed during the first of the year to unbeaten since entered into round main event. Gaming Wings came out as the champion after beating Digital Chaos with a score of 3-1. Gaming Wings became the third team of Chinese origin who managed to win and take home the prize of 9.1 million dollars and Aegis.

Gaming Wings Roster team players: shadow, blink, Faith_bian, y ‘, iceice.

The International 6 also hold an All-Star Match in which 10 lucky viewers get a chance to play with 10 pros in the All Star Match.

TI 7

Still held in Seattle, The International 2017 to an IT not only attended by the reigning champion of TI6 cause Gaming Wings officially disbanded due to the scandal that hit the player and his manager. Unlike before, TI7 has a total of 18 teams participating and only 6 teams invited directly and the rest must go through a stage qualifier. Teams that received a direct invitation, among others: OG, Virtus.pro, Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid, Invictus Gaming, and newbee. The team that successfully passed the stage of qualifiers: Team Secret, HellRaisers, Team Empire, iG Vitality, LGD.Forever Young, LGD Gaming, TNC Pro Team, Fnatic, Execration, Cloud9, Digital Chaos, and Infamous.

At the moment the whole world thought from Chinese team will be champion with the dominance shown in the group stage, Team Liquid care KuroKy became champion after his comeback from his defeat and beat the Chinese team featured. Miracle- reached the peak of its popularity as a pro player at this tournament. Liquid team emerged as champions after beating newbee with a score of 3-0. This is the first time there was a team that defeated his opponent 3-0 in the final match of IT.

TI 8

Next, The International in 2018. As well as in 2017, direct trips to the Canadian Vancouver were gained by eight teams by the DPC rating while ten trips were played for at the qualifiers. The prize pool of the tournament The International 2018 consisted of 25.5 million dollars which was a record. It was rather unexpected that the final was won by OG who had passed to the tournament through the qualifiers. OG got a difficult, win over PSG.LGD from China, by the score of 4-3 at the final.

This way, the tradition of winning championships events by Chinese teams and odd championships was broken by West ones. ОG roomates Became the second team managed to win the tournament having got there not by a direct invitation, but through a qualifier. Besides, the tournament held a match of all stars where won over.

TI 9

In August, The International 2019 was held, and once again set a record with 34.3 million dollars prizepool that as Esport with the biggest prize in the history of the moment. OG eliminate the “curse of IT”, where the winner can not win TI TI again. Since Player OG with sets: Ana, Notail, CEB, Topson and Jerax the event previously won the same things in a unique way on their gameplay, why not win Aegis twice in a row?


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