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Understanding the Internet
Internet (Interconnection Networking) is a collection of open-global communication networks and connecting computer networks of different systems with various types using communication types such as telephone, satellite and so on.

Definition and History of the Internet
So in short, it can be interpreted that the internet is a collection of various kinds of computer network systems in the world that are connected to each other and can communicate with each other.

Internet history
According to history, the internet was born in the era of the 60s or more precisely in 1969. The internet began with research sponsored by DARPA (Defense Advance Research Project Agency).

This research aims to develop a computer network that:
1. Work transparently, through various data communication networks that are connected to one another.
2. Resistant to various disturbances (natural disasters, nuclear attacks, etc.)

This network development was a success and gave birth to APRANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network). So APRANET is the first computer network in the world.
DARPA Reference Mode is a network protocol reference used by the TCP / IP protocol created by DARPA. This reference model is similar to the OSI Reference Model, where each layer below provides services to the layer above it, and the layer above uses services for the layer below.

The DARPA reference model has only 4 layers namely:
4 Layer Application
3 Host-to-Host Layer / Transport Layer
2 Internetworking Layer / Internet Layer
1 Network interface layer / Physical Layer

Explanation of the DARPA reference model
Application Layer
This layer serves to provide services for TCP / IP applications, this layer handles high level protocols, data reference problems, encoding processes and control dialogs that allow communication between network applications.

Running protocol:
Telnet, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Domain Name System (DNS), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).
Host-to-Host Layer / Transport Layer
This layer functions is to manage communication between hosts by creating a connection-oriented session or deploying a connectionless broadcast. The protocols that run at this layer are the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) protocols.
Internetworking Layer / Internet Layer
This layer has the main task in determining the best router to be passed by a data packet. The protocols that run at this layer are the Internet Protocol (IP), Address Resolution Protocol (ARP), Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), and the Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP).
Network interface layer / Physical Layer
Function to place data frames that will be sent to network media. The protocols that run at this layer are several local network architectures (such as Ethernet or Token Ring), as well as WAN technology services (such as Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), Frame Relay, and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).

The first internet application found
The first is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is one of the internet services to transfer files. The process of transferring files from computer to server (file server) is called uploading. Files that are already on the file server, can be taken by others to be stored on a computer (PC). The process of retrieving files from a file server is called downloading.

The second, followed by e-mail, e-mail or e-mail are electronic letters or messages sent and received through a computer.

The third is Telnet, Telnet (Telecommunication Network) is one of the network protocols used in an internet connection or LAN (Local Area Network). Telnet is used to connect to a particular server and port. Telnet is used to interact directly with the server.

Easy-access and use of the Internet makes us know information faster, detailed, and simple and can also help us in many ways such as how to cook, how to play guitar, find locations and much more

But everyone has different instincts, not all of them are good, moreover the Internet is easy and unlimited, so it triggers curiosity which leads to abuse of the Internet for negative things, such as easy access to sites that smell of crime, such as violence, pornography and etc., which have a bad impact on us, and not a few people who are victims of the internet itself.

Not only that, today almost everyone has a social media account which is unknowingly this one is also a destructive thing. But according to them, the increasing number of people entering Social Media actually makes their lives more colorful

Social Media Meme as an addict
This attracts them to the anti-social life, for example, with the existence of a social media application or commonly referred to as “social media” like Facebook, BBM, Line and so on, this does facilitate them in communicating, however, with this ease , instead it makes them feel like they are interacting in the real world. And makes them lazy because of this convenience, which makes social activities less in the real world.

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Even though we are always active in social media, we are not necessarily active in social life in the real world, which causes anti-social behavior

In addition to social media, many other things on the internet that are negative or damaging, such as online pornography sites, have become increasingly victims of pornography in Indonesia over the years, along with the increasing number of internet users, if this continues it will destroy all creative instincts and The moral of a child, in very revulsive (fast) ways.

Maybe almost everyone especially teenagers have used this forbidden site. No problem if we can limit and not exceed the limits that can damage the physical and mind. Indeed, every human being has the instinct of sex, however, if adolescents consume pornography too often, the drive to channel their desires is high, therefore, if they have consumed a lot of pornography in their teens, the potential for sexual behavior outside of marriage will become higher.

In addition, the number of ads that smell of pornography when we open social media and online games, causes high curiosity about pornography, especially in children who still cannot control themselves. At first, there was no intention at all for children to open the banned site, but because of the many advertisements that are usually found in online games (which are widely played by children), it can cause negative effects for children which then lead to curiosity, which if constantly occurs without supervision, will lead to negative things.

This pornography site is a severe problem and can appear anywhere, As if this forbidden site is indeed designed to damage the next generation, especially teenagers / youth, considering that most of the internal users are teenagers / young people.

It is better for parents and adults to supervise children or even provide understanding if necessary to the effects and dangers of pornography, because this one problem is quite fatal, because it can damage morals and thoughts.


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