Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Companies engaged in the transportation industry take a lot of time and resources to create innovative concepts in transportation.

Maybe in the near future, fictional technology that seems impossible can happen. Mobility is certain to increase dramatically with this technology.

Reporting from CNN, several technologies are being developed, one of which is a flying car.

Large companies such as Uber, Boeing and Airbus are actively developing this technology so they can air. Uber, in collaboration with NASA, recently gave a detailed explanation of the ambitious target to introduce flying taxis within the next five years.

Consumers can order via the Uber application. Even though it looks like a helicopter, Uber believes that flying taxis will be cheaper and safer than helicopters.

“If you have an application that can book a five-minute flight and can go through the entire tunnel to get out of New York City, that is a great opportunity,” said Investment Analyst from ARK Sam Korus.

Another possible technology is Hyperloop introduced by Elon Musk. Technology like this train can go around 1,100 kilometers per hour which is actually twice the fastest train at the moment.

Now consumers no longer need to bother going to the airport. Because the flight time of 55 minutes the plane can be taken with thirty minutes by Hyperloop. So far the Hyperloop company has built a 500-meter trial track in Nevada, United States.

But the challenges are still quite significant, for the beginning of the construction of hundreds of kilometers of Hyperloop traffic it will spend billions of Dollars. Then the track that is built must be straight without any turns so that passengers are not sick. This will take years to resolve this problem.

Musk also has a subway technology called “Loop”. Previous subway development slowed in America due to high buildings and maintenance costs. The futuristic concept “Loop” is progressing in the city of Los Angeles.

The company is nearing completing a tunnel under the city that will allow people to drive a car or pod at speeds of up to about 277 kilometers per hour.

Of course this technology will bring solutions to congestion in cities. This high-speed system will make people get through traffic and get around the city faster. The company also announces that it is creating a “Loop” network to connect two adjacent cities, such as Baltimore and Washington.

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Nevertheless, severe experts warn the tunnel can also be congested. In theory, density can occur in the mouth entering the tunnel. In the next few months, Musk said there would be a free “Loop” driving service.

Next is the technology that is able to change the interior of the car. Through the concept of Toyota’s e-Pallete vehicles, public transportation can turn into a mobile shop or delivery truck.

Next is the self-driving car technology. Major advances in computer systems and software, the dream of a car without a driver is not just nonsense.

In-car computer algorithms can identify objects, such as pedestrians, red lights, or road markings with impressive accuracy. A lot of data and cameras and rada can help plan a safe trip to your destination.

Recently Drive.ai, a startup that is developing carless driver software, says there will be a free passenger driving service in Texas.

However, obstacles in this technology still exist. Many people still take cars without a driver. In March, a driverless car crashed and killed pedestrians in Arizona. This raises skepticism about this technology. (mic)

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