MQ-9 Reaper

Drones (drone) or drones have recently begun to be discussed throughout the world. Not without reason, the drones are the cause of the escalating conflict between the United States and Iran because the MQ-9 Reaper drone killed Iranian military officials, Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani.

Reporting from the Ezvid Wiki, there are differences between drones and unmanned aircraft or what is known in the military world as Unmmaned Aeiral Vehicle (UAV).

In general, both are unmanned aircraft, but there are differences in function between the drone and UAV. The term UAV generally refers to military aircraft that are operated without a pilot that can be reused. This definition makes the UAV is one type of drone, because the drone does not have a pilot on board.

One reference is the size and weight. ‘Drone’ to refer to quadcopters 4 rotors as propeller propulsion used as hobbies or for photography to video. The definition of a UAV actually refers to unmanned aircraft used for military purposes. So it can be said that UAVs are drones, but not all drones are UAVs.

Reporting from Botlink, in addition to UAV there is also an acronym UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System). UAS has the definition of a drone or UAV along with pilots who are on land including the UAV control system. So the UAS is a component of the UAV that controls the UAV because it includes not only the UAV (aircraft) but also the pilot and cockpit control systems.

Besides UAV and UAS, there is also an acronym RPA (Remotedly Piloted Aicraft). RPA itself is the definition most preferred by pilots. This term arises because some drones require pilots to have more complete abilities gained through years of training.

For example, the MQ-9 Reaper or Global Hawk cockpit drone is very similar to a commercial aircraft cockpit. Of course the RPA cockpit system is different from the drone cockpit system which is used only for photo and video purposes.

The US military uses MQ-9 to function for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. MQ-9 specializes in conducting combat missions including attacks on targets.

Here are some facts of the drone that was developed since 2001:

1. Battle Fighter

MQ-9 Reaper has specifications and features that make it suitable for use as a combatant. MQ-9 is designed to have high durability and be able to fly at maximum altitude.

The word ‘Reaper’ itself can be interpreted as a life taker. The MQ-9 Reaper has a 950 horspower (hp) spitting machine. Much bigger than its predecessor, the MQ-1 Predator with an engine that ejects 115 hp.

2. Can Bring Lots of Weapons

MQ-9 is capable of carrying loads up to 1,701 kilograms (3,750) pounds). MQ-9 can carry six weapons, an MQ-9 when carrying 1000 kilograms of weapons with 1000 kilograms of fuel capable of flying for up to 42 hours.

MQ-9 is usually armed by AGM-114 Hellfire missiles to the GBU-12 Paveway II bomb. The last name requires a laser guide to get to the target.

When the ammunition slot is fully loaded, the MQ-9 can fly safely 14 hours. MQ-9 has a maximum speed of 240 knots or 230 miles per hour.

3. Support the Military of Various Countries

MQ-9 is not only used by the United States, but is also used by several countries around the world. MQ-9 is used by Australia, Germany, France, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

4. Not Only Used As A Combat Tool

Reporting from AF.Mil, MQ-9 can also be used as an asset in intelligence operations, surveillance, and reconnaissance. MQ-9 is also used as part of a system that supports attack and land.

To support the attack, MQ-9 was used to obtain or track targets and other intelligence. Drones are also capable of supporting many operations such as coastal area surveillance, weapons tracking, embargo enforcement, and disaster relief.

5. Have Twins in the Sea

The MQ-9 Raper also has twin brothers who are used by the United States Navy. Her twin sister is called MQ-9 Mariner who is part of the US Navy’s maritime program.

To be easily flown from the aircraft carrier, Mariner has various modifications such as folding wings, shortened, landing gear reinforcement to retaining hooks. The capacity of the Mariner tank is also enlarged so that it can fly for up to 49 hours.

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