In this modern era, we can not be separated from the name of the shoe. Shoes are now very easy to get anywhere. Can be through offline or online stores. Buyers now buy the shoes they want easily. There are also many shoe manufacturers who develop their business products by selling through online and offline. In practice, buying shoes through online or offline has their respective constraints. Just buyers who make sure themselves with what they are comfortable to shop. We can get rare shoes that can only be obtained abroad. Importing shoes from abroad is familiar to us. From original goods to fake shoe items, we can bring them if we want. Easy for us to get shoes now can not be separated from the increasingly rapid technological development as it is today. With the development of technology, innovation in the sales system has also been very diverse. Online sales innovations such as through Facebook, Instagram, social media, and through the official website of a shoe development shop.

In shoe marketing, we are familiar with offline and online stores. Offline stores have many advantages of their own in the implementation. When we shop in an offline store, we can see firsthand the shoe items we want to buy.

 We can choose freely and can immediately try it. Because each shoe usually has a different size base, for example Nike shoes in size 43 will be different from Adidas shoes which have the same size which is 43 as well. So we can choose which one suits our size by trying it directly. We can also bargain the price if the seller is a seller who is not in an official store, for example a shoe seller on the roadside. The most important thing when we shop shoes offline is we can ensure directly that the goods we want to buy are original or fake. For shoe lovers, it’s very easy to distinguish between original and fake shoe items. But for novice buyers, we usually struggle to distinguish which shoes are original and which shoes are fake. When we ask the seller, the seller usually does not know and what can harm us is that we can be lied to by the shoe seller.

Besides being able to shop through offline stores, as the development of shoe sales technology also penetrated through online stores. The online shop that is meant here is through social media, Facebook, Instagram, e-commerce, special applications to sell and buy shoes, as well as the official website of the brand of shoes that we want to buy. The marketing methods are varied, ranging from being offered in groups on Facebook, uploaded on Instagram, uploaded on Instagram stories, sold on e-commerce or applications that provide these services. For the official website, usually there are items that have been sold and the original is confirmed. To get goods from online stores, especially shoes, we can make payments using the cash on delivery method or often called COD and can also be paid via bank transfer. For this transfer method, a joint account is usually provided to ensure the security of the buyer. So before the buyer accepts and approves the goods received accordingly and in good condition, then the money transfer will not be forwarded to the seller. Vice versa, if there is a discrepancy, then the money will be returned and the goods that have been received are also required to be returned to the seller, so the buyer is guaranteed security from the crime of fraud that often occurs in the world of online shopping. However, when you want to buy directly from the seller without any intermediaries before, you can use the cash on delivery method, but if the distance is far away, you must transfer it first then the item is sent via the shipping service. What you should pay attention to when you transfer money to the seller is to make sure that the account used by the seller is authentic and not a fake account to avoid unwanted things like fraud or other crimes.
Applications for buying and selling shoes have now begun to develop, for example You can get the application in Play Store using your Android device. This application was created to make it easier for shoe lovers, especially the original ones because the items sold in this application are items that have been filtered before posting. Only original items can be sold in this application. In this application, buyers can find the shoes they want according to the prices listed. Shoes sold in the application can be either new shoes or used shoes. It is time we develop technology as in all fields. Besides making it easier for users, applications like this can also guarantee the safety of the buyer and can be updated continuously. We can conclude as technology develops that more and more new innovations will come.
Already a lot of counterfeit goods are sold in famous stores that often sell original shoes. These fake shoes are sold at lower prices than orginal goods, but in terms of appearance and shape, fake shoes or premium shoes and are usually referred to as KW shoes have the same characteristics as the original shoes. For beginners it is very difficult to distinguish even though we have seen firsthand. We must be able to know the different characteristics of the original item, usually located on the tag size and also the shape of the outsole. Tips or ways so that buyers are not fooled by counterfeit goods is to look for original shoe details and other characteristics that are difficult to imitate. If the buyer already knows that, it will be easier to ensure the shoes are original and not be fooled by the seller. Counterfeit sellers usually match the prices of fake shoes they offer with original shoes, which are usually sold at their official counters. So it will be very loss if we are wrong in buying these items. In terms of quality it is clearly different between counterfeit goods and original goods. Tips or other ways you might be able to compare prices available at official outlets with the store you want to visit. From the price range can also be seen, if the price distance is far from the original then the possibility of fake goods is very large.


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