Online shopping or often referred to as e-shopping is a form of trade that brings consumers and sellers through the internet network and does not need to meet face to face to make transactions only through a web browser. Other names such as e-shop, e-store, internet shop, web-shop, web-store, virtual shop, online shop and e-webstore. The development of this technology has also brought many changes in people’s lifestyles now that more often interact in cyberspace. Even for shopping, people now prefer shopping online because it is more practical, saves time and can make price comparisons quickly.

Innovation continues to grow in the 90s. In 1992, the first online bookstore was made by Charles Stack, named Book Stacks Unlimited, which now developed into In 1994, the emergence of online banking, the opening of pizza shops that use online systems such as Pizza Hut. Also this year, Netscape introduced the SSL v2 encryption standard (SSL encryption of data transferred online) which provides a secure data transfer system and Intershop shopping system. Only a year later, in 1995, the famous online shopping system up until now,, was followed by the appearance of Ebay. Not only developments in online shopping sites, various systems that support online shopping have also emerged. In 1998, PayPal appeared to help every online transaction. PayPal is a combination of X.COM, Cofinity and financial services companies. At the end of this era too, Google and Yahoo entered the world of online shops and e-commerce.

In Britain in early 1979, Michael Aldrich shocked the world of trade through a new shopping system. He undermined the concept of conventional trade, by requiring sellers and buyers to meet to transact.Aldrich markets merchandise using the latest system, connecting domestic TVs that have been modified to computers for real-time transaction processing.The offer was classified as very sophisticated. The sellers were impressed and flocked to move using the sales system which later was known as an online-based sales system (online). Over time, the online sales virus spread to Indonesia. Early emergence was pioneered by, which was founded in 1993. Bhinneka emerged with its online store that sells computers, laptops, gadgets, and the most complete accessories.Even though it was established in 1993, only opened an online sales platform 3 years later, and even then the initial appearance was limited to a company profile, just to display contact details and a few other basic things.In 1996, our site was published but only company profile information, Chief of Omni-Channel Officer (COCO) Bhinneka on the ‘Behind the Scenes’ page.

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The launch of Bhinneka in 1996 was not alone. His presence was accompanied by the presence of the first online bookstore in Indonesia, However, now the online bookstore pioneer site is no longer active. Its age does not last long.Closing is not without reason. Vensia revealed that the economic atmosphere at the time was the reason closed. Around the end of 1997 Indonesia was rocked by a monetary crisis. The economic crisis that lasted for about one and a half years caused many lines of business to go bankrupt. Mid-1999, after nearly 1.5 years of being hit by the 1997 monetary crisis, we had a new determination and enthusiasm. The first step was to improve the site, updating it every day and starting as online.

In the era of the 2000s until now, the online shopping system continues to grow throughout the world and even in Indonesia. This is certainly supported by the increasing number of internet users in Indonesia both in big cities and in regions. In Indonesia, there are three types of internet sales that allow you to shop online. The first system is an online shop. Online store sites usually provide all kinds of needs that you need which are divided per category on its own site such as MyBigMall, Lazada or various online stores that only sell specific products they rely on. The second type of online shopping is an online market site. Some online market sites in Indonesia such as Berniaga, Kaskus, Olx and so on. The third type of online shopping site is the social media market that utilizes social media to sell such as using social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and various other social media. Due to the rapid development of online shopping sites in Indonesia, the behavior of Indonesian consumers has also begun to change and become accustomed to shopping online. That way, online shopping trends are believed to continue to increase in the Indonesian market.

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Shortly after the emergence of online stores, the government began to smell the potential and effects of electronic commerce, then began to draft its laws. This also coincided with the continued growth of the e-commerce sector and the economic behavior of citizens.Online shops began to appear at the time, you name it;, datakencana, wetmarket from Singapore, FastnCheap from Surabaya, LippoShop,, All sites are engaged in the world of buying and selling auction.With the emergence of many startups, it has also affected trade competition in the internet world. Many online players in various other fields of sales fall one by one. You name it, media portals such as which was founded in 2000 and successfully penetrated the Jakarta Stock Exchange (BEJ), went bankrupt in two years.

On the contrary, internet users actually make lots of buying and selling transactions personally by utilizing public forums, which are the forerunners of the marketplace. One of them The development of Indonesian people’s buying style is also balanced by the digital payment process. One of them is facilitated by the presence of Doku, operating since 2007 as an electronic money service. Innovation and adaptation keep rolling.Online shopping culture is getting crazy when the presence of Go-Jek in 2010-2011. This online transportation is truly a breakthrough, opening up the views and insights of more Indonesians about the magnitude of the impact of e-commerce.

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E-commerce opportunities are starting to attract foreign players. In 2010, the Bukalapak marketplace began operations. In 2011, Rakuten entered Indonesia. In the same year, also began operating. At the end of this year, Zalora Group established Zalora Indonesia as part of its international e-commerce business network. The emergence of many marketplaces has made the Indonesian government literate in e-commerce in Indonesia. Finally, the government formally invited Jack Ma to become an advisor to the Indonesian e-commerce Steering Committee, in 2016.

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