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The history of the formation of Python programming was started by a programmer named Guido van Rossum in 1991. Python was originally developed as one of Van Rossum’s responses to the ABC programming language. That is why in the course of the Python programming language much influenced by the ABC programming language. Uniquely, the process of developing the Python programming language was developed on an ongoing basis by programmers, testers and users who were mostly not IT experts around the world until it finally became what it is now.

Python itself is a programming language that does not use a compiler. With its open-source nature, you will get the benefit of learning Python because this language can be used to do various things from developing sites, developing video games, building desktop GUIs, or developing software With its advantages, the Python programming language has been used to build famous platform services, such as Instagram, YouTube, and Spotify. The advantages of Python also cause technology companies to look at it to use it in developing their platforms.

The advantages of the intended Python programming language include the following:

  1. Easy to learn. Compared to other programming languages, Python is relatively easier to learn. This language has syntax that is quite simple and easy to understand. This language is very dynamic and is built based on a high level of code readability.
  2. Easy to apply. Another advantage of the Python programming language is its ease of application in developing a product, be it site, software, site application, or video game. Besides having high code readability, so the code is easy to understand, this programming language has a very large and extensive library. These various types of libraries contain a variety of tools and functionalities, so the ease of building the program is one that is offered by Python.
  3. Support IoT. The Python programming language supports the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem very well. IoT is being talked about or even developed among makers. Internet of Things is a technology that connects the objects around us into a network that is interconnected. This language has become very popular, because many systems with the Internet of Things use this language. There are various boards that are used to run the IoT system using this programming language as its base, including the Raspberry Pi.
  4. Flexible. Programs written using Python can run on almost all operating systems (Unix, Windows, Mac OS X, etc.), including mobile devices. Through certain mechanisms, Python code can be integrated with applications written in other programming languages. For example, Python code can be called from C / C ++ code, and so can the development of the .NET Framework.
  5. Increase productivity. Because it has an extensive library and clean object-oriented design, the use of the Python programming language can support the productivity of programmers compared to when using other programming languages ​​such as Java and C ++.


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