Google has introduced a new video sharing application called Tangi. This application is designed to compete with IGTV, TikTok, and Byte. Quoted from Pocket-lint, Thursday (1/30), technically Tangi is an experimental application because it comes from Area 120 which is Google’s internal incubator for experimental projects. The name Tangi itself is taken from the abbreviations TeAch and GIve and ‘tangible’ because it allows users to post 60-second video tutorials. There are several categories offered ranging from crafts, make-up to cooking. • New Features in Google Translet Can Be Translated in Real Time In addition, there is a Try It feature so that users can re-create and share tutorials. Google explains, one of the most created videos so far is about making guacamole in avocado skin. This Tangi application is only available on the Apple App Store. Google has not yet presented the application for Android Play Store devices. • Wow! TikTok Beat Instagram and YouTube • Jokowi Uninstalling Ronny Sompie However, Google provides Tangi Website. In addition to limited availability, Google also said the ability to upload is not yet available for everyone. Users must follow the waitlist to get access.


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