With the development of technology, smartphone makers are now competing to design smartphone types that are getting thinner and sleeker. One of the trends is, the use of planting batteries or non-removable batteries in the output of some of the latest types of smartphones. Although making the smartphone display becomes thin and slim because the battery is integrated with the smartphone body, the use of this planting battery also has some disadvantages.

One of them is, users cannot freely remove and replace the battery if it has damage to the planting battery. Therefore, special treatment is needed in treating this type of smartphone with a planted or non-removable battery model so that it always lasts.

The following are some tips for caring for the type of battery plant on your smartphone, so that it is always durable so that it extends the life of your cell phone.

Don’t Use Your Smartphone Until The Battery Runs Out

Tips on caring for the smartphone planting battery first you need to know is to avoid the habit of using a smartphone until the battery runs out. The reason is, if you often do this habit, then the ability of power cell storage components in the battery on your smartphone will decrease. This can cause the battery to plant on your favorite smartphone easily drops and eventually damaged.

Do not recharge the battery until overcharge

This often happens to you who often charge the betarai at night when you are sleeping. Therefore, for those of you who often do smartphone chargers while you sleep, you should change these habits. Because, charging until overcharge will accelerate damage to the plant battery on your smartphone. When battery cells overload the power, this will cause the battery cells to become damaged more quickly. In addition, the habit of charging the battery until this overcharge can make the planting battery become bulging, even in some batteries it can explode.

Always Use Original Charger

Do not just plug the charger, which is not for the purpose. For example, your smartphone is a Samsung brand, then only use chargers that are specific to these Samsung products.Although sometimes there are several smartphone brands that have the exact dimensions or size of the charger, but you should avoid using different chargers of that brand. In addition, also avoid using the KW charger.

Rest the Smartphone when the Battery Starts Hot

Tips for caring for the next plant battery is to always pay attention to the temperature of your smartphone battery. Especially for those of you who like playing mobile games, if your smartphone is getting hot, you should rest your smartphone first to avoid damage to your favorite smartphone components.

Avoid Battery Charge Using Car Chargers

As much as possible to avoid charging your smartphone using a car charger. Although it looks more efficient because it can while traveling, but the current or source of electricity in the car that is unstable when compared to the electric current PLN can make smartphone batteries become more quickly damaged.

Do not use a smartphone when it is charged

Avoid the habit of using a smartphone while being charged. Because in addition to making charging longer, it will also cause your smartphone to overheat and can damage other smartphone components.

Recharge Immediately If The Battery Power Is Below 20%

Do not wait until it runs out, try to immediately recharge the battery if the battery percentage shows a figure below 20%. It is intended that your smartphone’s planting battery does not work extra hard when the power used is low.

Nowadays, the problem is that there are many batteries that swell due to errors in use. In bloated battery conditions, cell phones can still be used. But this is not recommended because it can risk fatal mobile phone exploding to hurt the user. There are a number of things that need to be considered so that the battery is durable and safe to use. He said, there was no difference in how to care the battery. This method applies to all types of mobile phones.

First, always use the original official charger default from the device that we use, because it has been specifically designed with that device.

Second, do not use the battery until it is completely discharged and the device is turned off. The reason is that the battery cells need more power to be recharged if they are in very low condition, consequently the battery’s life cycle will decrease. The study found from a gadget observer, charging a battery when the battery is still 50-70%, makes the battery last longer

Third, battery life is calculated by cycles. The average Lithium-ion battery has a life of 500 cycles. After this cycle limit has been exceeded, battery performance will decrease significantly. If it is frequently charged it is not full, for example using a powerbank, or intermittently charged, at least once a week it must be charged full cycle to the full. One cycle is roughly like this: for example the condition of our batteries today after the remaining 50% is used. It is fully charged up to 100%, then used until the remaining 50% is called a cycle.

Fourth, healthy battery conditions in the heat range vary from 0 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius. If you place your device in a hot place, for example in the sun for too long so that the device gets very hot, this will affect the performance and battery life.

Fifth, most smartphones now have the ability to stop the charging process automatically if the battery is fully charged. However, there is no harm in following the manufacturer’s advice so as not to put the device connected to the charger plug, more than 16 hours. If you are very concerned about this, use an additional electric timer that can be set to turn on and off within the specified time duration. This will be better.

Thus tips on caring for the smartphone planting battery to make it more durable. In addition to extending battery life, by doing the maintenance tips above will also affect other smartphone components so that your favorite smartphone remains durable and is not easily damaged. Good luck.

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