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Sunday, April 11, 2021
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coding for kids

5 Different Resources to Help Kids Learn to Code

A recent study found that 76% of parents want their children to end up in STEM-related careers. And with an ever-growing number of jobs...

How to Animate a Spinning Emoji | Beginner Web Development Animation Tutorial

This project will give you a great introduction to basic web animations using HTML and CSS. Learn how to use spinning animations on the...

What is Java Coding? | Computer Science for Kids 12+

Whether you’re a curious parent or a new coder, you’ve likely heard of the coding language Java before. Java is very commonly taught in high...

A 5-Step Guide to Teaching Kids Coding | Juni Learning

Getting Started There are several reasons why every kid should learn to code — for instance, coding fosters creativity and enhances problem-solving skills. Fortunately, teaching...

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