United States: Advances in automotive industry technology have made a number of manufacturers continue to innovate to develop their latest features to be applied in cars. One example is a car key that from time to time changes.

As reported by Carscoops, now the use of car keys has begun to be removed, replaced with remote, even a technology company called Synaptics based in Silicon Valley, Detriot, United States (US) has developed car keys using fingerprints.

Most recently, Apple has filed and obtained a patent for a face recognition system that can be used to unlock vehicles without physical keys. Apple proposed this technology in early 2017, and more recently on February 7, U.S. The Patent and Trademark Office has issued patents and the trademark ‘System and Method for Vehicle Authorization’ for Apple.

In the patent it says about the System and Method for Vehicle Authorization. Later users can use face recognition to unlock their vehicles.

Apple Patents Face Encryption Car Key

The first is to install the technology needed on the vehicle, which allows users to just stand in front of the sensor and scan their faces before opening the door and stepping in. Alternatively, users can use the Face ID unlock feature available on their Apple smartphone (from the X onward) to unlock vehicles.

Apart from having the vehicle unlocking function, facial recognition technology can also save vehicle settings for different users. For example, if the vehicle owner is scanned for the face, the vehicle can automatically adjust the music, seat position, and climate controller preferences according to the user.

Not only Apple, a similar facial recognition system technology has also been applied previously in the prototype Faraday Future FF91. It is known that currently the only production vehicle that has used biometrics to provide access is the new Hyundai Santa Fe which is exclusively intended for the Chinese market. But Hyundai has just implemented a fingerprint sensor system to unlock the door and start the engine.


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