Night is a beautiful time for connoisseurs of photography down the city streets in search of objects to be photographed. A street photographer, known as street photography, often experiments with night lights to look for aesthetic photographs.
Street photography is a genre that is both fun and challenging to cultivate. Because, there are many techniques and strategies for taking pictures so that they cannot be careless in doing so.

However, for beginners, do not worry because there are tips and ways you can do to capture the moment at night as reported by the Expert Photography page:

Setting up camera equipment Taking photos at night must be supported by camera equipment that is able to make moments captured clearly.

Choose a camera that has support for high ISO settings. In addition, use this type of fast lens so that light can quickly enter the camera with large openings and large lens diameters.

As for several types of lenses that can be used starting from:

  • 35mm lens. This is the right lens when you want to reach a higher shutter speed. The biggest aperture for this lens is usually f1.4.
  • 50mm lens. This lens is the preferred choice for many night street photographers. There are several choices of openings with this lens. You can choose between f1.8, f1.4 and f1.2.
  • 85mm lens. This lens can also be applied to street photography. But you still have to increase ISO. This lens has a longer focus and faster shutter speed.
  • Tripod
    Tripod is also a tool that can be included in the list of photography needs. Using a tripod will help you avoid shocks to natural movements or unstable hand conditions.

Set the camera

After all the equipment is prepared, the next step is to make adjustments to the camera used. There are three important elements that must be arranged to capture the moment to your liking, namely: Aperture or Diaphragm Adjusting the diaphragm is useful for capturing light entering the lens to support the capture of the object shot.
Adjust the camera diaphragm according to the needs of the light on the images. Shutter speed The shutter speed setting aims to freeze action and have a shutter speed fast enough to avoid camera shake. Choosing to slow down the shutter speed can obscure movement.
ISO ISO settings are used to avoid noise entering the lens and will affect the results of the photo. There are people who want a little natural effect on a photo, but there are also people who like clean photos without any noise.
Some noise that may enter at night shooting is the light from animals and flying dust. The ISO settings that can be selected also depend on the body of your camera but using ISO 3200 is usually enough.

Determine the light source

You should look for light sources that are available around the location to support the results of the photo, such as night street lights, light from shop windows, or night merchant kiosks. Unless you want to aim at a silhouette, light is only needed to illuminate the main subject.
This lighting can be done by avoiding bright light in the background because it can prevent focus on the object. Light sources not only come from light that is on the streets, but can also use a flash from the camera. However, if you decide to keep using flash, it is recommended to use flash off-camera.

Capture the moment that tells the story

A good photo is not necessarily interesting if there is no story behind it. So, it is important to pay attention to the object to be photographed. For those who are still confused about determining the object, then they can also take pictures of customers who take food, or people who enjoy the music of street singers and others.

Make sure the background does not disturb the object

When you want to focus the object on the street as the main object, it is necessary to make adjustments to the background or background that you want to be photographed. Use the appropriate point of view to produce objects according to what you want to tell. The use of prominent lines, bokeh and photographing for low keys is the best way to create a good background.

Choose photography techniques

There are several techniques that can be used for those of you who like to do street photography at night, as follows. Bokeh This technique will produce images that are not focused in the background. This technique can be applied by using a high aperture, and placing the subject far enough in front of the background object.
Minimalism If you have a subject, story and context, this technique can be used to simplify the rest of the frame of the object. Leading lines This technique is to look for photo lines naturally. Low Key Tech

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