Spyware is a crime that is done to spy on a computer that is being used. Of course, according to the character and nature of the spy, all was done without the victim’s knowledge. After obtaining data from the monitoring results, spyware will later report the activities that occur on the PC to third parties or the spyware creator. The development of technology and the sophistication of human reason, spyware which was originally only in the form of advertisements or banners with the intention of making profit alone, now turned into one of the destructive media, and even tends to harm. Spyware was initially harmless because it did not damage the data as viruses do. Unlike viruses or worms, spyware does not multiply and do not spread to other PCs on the same network . Spyware has unique characteristics and ways of working that are different from Malware and Adware . Spyware is a software or device software that is tasked to monitor and spy spying activities of the Internet and then displays lots of ads to netter.    

The term spyware is the first time was known in the year 1995 by a founder of times Gregor Feund . Spyware was first discovered on Microsoft’s business model system . The program is spy spying the internet to see the activity that is carried out by users. Spyware can also be used and exploited by the government to spy on the follow kejahtan were conducted by a person through the world of Cyber. The function of Spyware will be negative because it can also be used by someone to look at and steal the data someone that could also be interpreted as a virus as Adware when these are already much abused .   

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How it works :

Spy on the victim’s computer both stored important data, programs, and something private, after getting the information the spyware will damage the information.


Lots of understanding about spyware, among others:
– According to Wikipedia: Suspicious software that installs itself into a system to steal user data.

– Spyware is an application whose job is to track the surfing activities of a netter secretly.

– Spyware is a derivative of advertising software, which monitors the user’s habits of browsing the Internet to bring “a myriad of advertisements” to users.


Spyware was first discovered on October 16, 1995 on Microsoft’s business model system. The term spyware itself was first used by Gregor Freund, the founder was used by Gregor Freund, founder of Zone Labs in his press release regarding Zone Alarm Personal Firewall in 1999. Since then, users have used the term spyware for a type of PC disruptive virus that “lurks” on PC performance. 


So how can we be affected by spyware? Spyware it can only infect a computer you through some aktfitas following this .

– Internet advertising

– Internet File-Sharing

– Shareware and freeware 

– Shareware and freeware

– Fake Spyware – Removal program

– Email attachments

– Hackers

If you already know how to spread , be – berhatilah to perform activities of surfing on the Internet or when installing applications freeware. Please download the application on the site official , and do not forget to buy the application of anti spyware that can be protected by spyware programs this .


– Spyware sends data on the user’s computer to another party when connected to the internet network

– Spyware brings up various forms of unwanted advertisements, or sends personal information without your knowledge.

– Spyware can also cause the computer to run slow or crash.

– Spyware is different from viruses or trojans.

– Spyware is not to disable the computer, but to hijack the computer, so that at least part of the computer can be controlled by at least a part of the computer by someone other than the owner of the computer.

– There has been a change in browser settings where the user feels that he has never changed or installed it.

– Pop up ads appear every time a user is connected to the internet .

– The computer feels Lamba t , even when not running the application whatsoever .

– S ettingan changed on the browser when the user does not feel changing the settings .

– There are applications that are installed by themselves without being noticed .


– Install and use a firewall

– Regularly updated anti spyware program 

– Installing an antivirus

– Updating antivirus

– Display hidden files (on a computer)

– Turn off Cookies 


There are many types of spyware yan spread on the Internet, the following are examples of spyware are dangerous when successfully infect the computer you .  

– Keylogger

– PC recorder.

– Parental Control Software

– Detective Software  

– Detective Software 

– Internet monitoring software


Spyware is an information technology term in English that refers to a form of malicious software (malware) that installs itself into a system to steal user data. How it Works Spyware Spyware enters your PC uninvited, and can interfere with system stability. If you often use file-sharing facilities on the internet such as Grokster or Kazaa, then beware. Spyware and adware can enter your PC through the application. When you click on the link, it’s not impossible that you have installed spyware. In addition, spyware can also infect the system when you visit a site or open an e-mail. Spyware applications create security holes in information technology systems that allow intruders to rummage through, steal information, even take over the system. Worse, most users do not realize their computer has spyware. Generally they assume that system performance, stability and computer connection problems are caused by hardware problems, installation errors or virus infections. Unlike viruses and worms that can spread by themselves, spyware requires user intervention. This is also an attempt to make spyware avoid legal bondage. The majority of spyware comes in when users install free software (freeware). In one article on the freeware license agreement -EULA (End User License Agreement), implicitly stated that the user agrees “Whatever actions the developer will take to improve the service,” including spyware. In practice, users rarely research the EULA and directly click on “I Agree”. In fact, it would be nice if the user knows exactly what the software is doing to the computer system. Also note that freeware developers get revenue from information collected by spyware. Common Signs of Spyware There are some common symptoms that can be felt by computer users if a parasite named SPYWARE and ADWARE has really infected, namely: 1. Computer performance will feel slow, especially after connecting to the internet 2. Browser (Mozilla FireFox, Internet Explorer, OperaBrowser, Netscape, etc.) sometimes or often freeze (hang / crash) when opening certain web pages 3. Site addresses that have been set by default often change 4. Sometimes the browser opens by itself in bulk and directly accesses particular site.

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