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Drone is one of the sophisticated tools or drone that is needed at this time. Even developed countries like China, the United States, Russia, Canada, Japan and many more, they insist to be able to produce a sophisticated drone. Not only from the government who developed this sophisticated tool, but also from the people competing to be able to create the best drone. In the United States for example, the development of drones is so rapid, more and more drones with new innovations continue to emerge.

In our own country, namely Indonesia, the development of drones has not been too rapid as in developed countries like the United States, China and Japan. There is still a lot that needs to be developed further from what already exists so as not to lose competitiveness with existing ones. In the United States, drones have become one of the defense tools used by the army and its intelligence agencies. In Indonesia, defense equipment such as drones which will later be used in the army or intelligence will be needed.

Sophisticated drones made by the United States named RQ-170 have the task of spying on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Because there is competition between the two countries, it makes one party to find the weak point of its opponent by creating an advanced drone to spy on the number one person in North Korea. Not the usual drone used by the United States, this drone is not even known by the public that its purpose is to spy on North Korean leaders. The RQ-170 drone was developed by one of the best known aircraft manufacturing companies in the United States and even in the world, Lockheed Martin. This drone has also been used by the United States to spy on Al-Qaeda groups in Afghanistan. The nickname for this RQ-170 drone is “The Beast of Kandahar”. This drone is also used to work in Iran to spy on movements there. RQ-170 drones are specifically used for military operations and intelligence operations. The ability of the drone to attack is deadly. This drone is equipped with air sensor data and there is also a panel whose function is as a radar scan. RQ-170 is very clever in tracking enemy radars. In close range and long distance, this drone can avoid if it gets an attack from the opponent. But have experienced failures that have occurred in Iran. Because the opponent had already dropped his drone, the United States thought hard so that no more sophisticated drones made by the opponent could be dropped. Until now, it has never been heard again that drones made in the United States can be dropped by an opponent.

In 2011, Iran shot a sophisticated unmanned aircraft that crashed into America. The drone is the RQ-4 Global Hawk which is estimated to have a price of Rp 1.8 Trillion. RQ-4 Global Hawk is used by the United States of America for the navy and air force. The Iranians shot the drone because it entered their territory, which is in the province of Hormozgan. But the United States said that the Global Hawk RQ-4 drone was in the Strait of Hormuz. The drone, developed by Northrop Grumman, first aired in 1998 and has operated in Iraq, North Africa and the Asian region. This sophisticated United States drone can reach heights higher than commercial aircraft, which on average can only air above altitudes between 31,000 to 38,000 feet, but for RQ-4 Global Hawk drones can reach heights of up to 60,000 feet above air. This Northrop Grumman drone can fly for 32 hours with a distance of up to 22,000 kilometers from the control center.

The RQ-4 Global Hawk is 13 meters long and weighs 12 tons. In 2004, the United States military first purchased 4 of these drones at a price of Rp 5 trillion. The RQ-4 Global Hawk drone is not the only sophisticated drone made by Northrop Grumman. Within a few years the United States had bought many drones, one of which was the MQ-4C Triton drone which was larger than the RQ-4 Global Hawk drone. The United States has purchased 2 of these drones at a price of Rp 6.6 trillion. A drone that has a fantastic price commensurate with its sophistication.

When compared with Indonesia, the development of drones is not as fast as in the United States. Drones created in Indonesia are also innovations made by people who are talented in the field of aerodynamics. One of them is a drone made by an Indonesian young man named Muhammad Rizky Fauzan who managed to make a drone without a propeller. Drone made by Muhammad Rizky Fauzan was quite unique, because of the way it works that uses an air pressure device that he uses to lure air from the drone. Inside the dronenya there is a mini compressor called pneumatic speed and pneumatic turbine which functions to produce an air pressure. This drone is the first drone in Indonesia that was made without a propeller, but it still needs to be developed further because this drone still cannot be flown. Muhammad Rizky Fauzan is still developing his homemade drone to be on the air and become one of the most sophisticated drones in Indonesia.

Until now, many young people have developed drones because of their curiosity to be able to create a sophisticated and innovative drone, especially in Indonesia and internationally. There is also a sophisticated drone from Indonesia, the MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) drone developed by PT. IN . This drone is used for military and national defense activities. This drone is not only used for spying, but is also used for combat purposes in the air. This drone can fly for 24 hours in the air and is still under development to be able to fly to the outer reach of Indonesia. This drone can be used to attack enemies and can also shoot with rocket fire. Drone made by PT. This DI has been tested in 2018 and was successfully tested. But it will still be developed so that it can reach more large areas until it leaves Indonesia.

The more development of technology, makes Indonesia continue to look for ways to take part in technological development. Especially with the development of drone technology that continues to experience developments and innovations that are so sophisticated every year. Like it or not, Indonesia must continue to improve in terms of developing a technology, especially the development of drones. The hope, with the presence of young innovators, Indonesia will continue to strive to create the most sophisticated technology by utilizing the existing momentum. And hopefully it does not depend on other developed countries where Indonesia can only utilize its technology but also by creating a technology.

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